Learning through heritage

Learning through heritage

NDO - Van Mieu (Temple of Literature) attracts a large number of student visitors every year, mainly for spiritual purposes. How do the young people who come to the Van Mieu in hopes of understanding and respecting the true value of the heritage make the most of their experience? A programme on studying though heritage has been initiated in some primary schools in Hanoi and the results look good. (May 24, 2017)


Village promotes traditional craft of embroidery

  Apr 14, 2017
NDO – The traditional embroidery craft in Dong Cuu village, Dung Tien commune, Thuong Tien district in Hanoi, was recently honoured as a national intangible cultural heritage. For hundreds of years, embroiderers in the village have established their fame for making royal robes and costumes for festivals and worshipping rituals. 

Worship of mother Au Co honoured as national heritage

  Mar 22, 2017
NDO—The worshipping ritual dedicated to Au Co, the legendary mother of Vietnam, was recognised as national intangible cultural heritage by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism at a ceremony held in Phu Tho Province on March 21. 

Conference looks at archaeological research’s role in preserving Trang An complex

  Mar 18, 2017
NDO/VNA - The role of archaeological research in the preservation of the Trang An Landscape Complex in the northern province of Ninh Binh was highlighted at a conference held in Ninh Binh on March 18.  

Japanese architect makes model of Vietnamese village gate

  Mar 17, 2017
NDO/VNA – The Hanoi Museum received a model of the Mong Phu village gate crafted by Japanese architect Ejima Akiyoshi at a ceremony on March 16. 

Let the love for Nom come naturally: Dr Nguyen To Lan

  Mar 13, 2017
NDO - Dr To Lan from the Institute of Sino-Nom Studies has been featured prominently as one of only a few young female researchers who have immersed themselves into the treasure trove of the forefathers’ language heritage to gain a deeper understanding of Vietnamese culture. 

Mong woman preserves and promotes ethnic brocade weaving

  Mar 12, 2017
NDO – Learning the art of brocade weaving since the age of 13 from her mother, 1962-born artisan Vang Thi Mai has kept in mind that practicing and preserving the traditional craft is the responsibility of every Mong women. Taking on the responsibility, she established the Brocade Weaving Cooperative of Hop Tien village, Ha Giang province in 1999 with the hope of popularising one of Mong people’s cultural identities to domestic and foreign visitors.  

Thanh Hoa: Xuan Pha folk dance recognised as national heritage

  Mar 07, 2017
NDO—The Xuan Pha folk dance was recognised as a part of the nation’s intangible cultural heritage by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism at a ceremony held on March 6 at Tho Xuan District’s cultural centre in Thanh Hoa Province. 

11 new intangible forms of the nation’s cultural heritage recognised

  Feb 13, 2017
NDO/VNA—The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has announced a list of eleven newly recognised forms of the nation’s intangible cultural heritage.  

Two bells in Da Quan Pagoda recognised as national treasures

  Feb 05, 2017
NDO – The Two bells in Da Quan Pagoda, Cao Bang province have been announced as precious national objects at a ceremony held by the provincial People’s Committee.  

Tuyen Quang: Party relic recognised as national historical site

  Feb 02, 2017
NDO – The Kim Binh historical site in Kim Binh Commune, Chiem Hoa District, the northern province of Tuyen Quang, where the 2nd National Party Congress was held in 1951, received a certificate recognising it a special national relic site at a ceremony on February 2.  

Joy and pride in international recognition of national heritages

  Jan 29, 2017
NDO - As the art of xoan singing is soon to be lifted from the UNESCO list of cultural heritage in need of urgent safeguarding, Dr Le Thi Minh Ly from the National Cultural Heritage Centre expressed her joy at the achievements Vietnam has made over the past year in protecting cultural heritages.  

Youth long to promote nation’s history

  Feb 01, 2017
NDO—After three years, 10,000 copies of Ngan nam ao mu (A Thousand Years of Caps and Robes) by Tran Quang Duc have been sold—an impressive number for a history book. His friend, Nguyen Huu Su, is preparing to publish his book Lich su thu phap (History of Calligraphy). They are working on things they believe in.  

Kim Hoang folk painting on the way back to its golden age

  Jan 30, 2017
NDO—In an effort to revive the beautiful genre of Kim Hoang folk painting, a project was launched in October 2015 by Nguyen Thi Thu Hoa, director of the Hanoi Ceramics Museum, and her partners with the support of Kim Hoang villagers and the Van Canh Commune People’s Committee.  

Ta Oi ethnic weaving recognised as national intangible cultural heritage

  Jan 16, 2017
NDO - The central province of Thua Thien – Hue on January 16 received a certificate recognising the “Zeng” weaving in A Luoi district as part of the national intangible cultural heritage, the second of its kind in the locality.