Special editions of four world classic literary works debut

Saturday, 2017-04-15 13:09:06
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Special editions of four world classic literary works debut.
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NDO – The Kim Dong Publishing House has released special editions of four world classic literary works that have been elaborately illustrated by Vietnamese painters.

The books include ‘Hiep si Don Quixote’ (The Knight Don Quixote) by great Spanish writer Cervantes, ‘Robin Hood – Hiep si rung xanh’ (Robin Hood – the Forest Knight) told by Teraues, ‘Nhung cuoc phieu luu cua Nam tuoc Munchausen' (The Adventures of Baron Munchausen) told by German writer Rudolf Erich Raspe, and ‘Chiec chia khoa vang hay chuyen li ki cua Buratino' (The Golden Key, or The Adventures of Buratino) by great Russian writer Alesky Tolstoy.

The illustrative images for the stories were created by artists Ly Minh Phuc, Truong Van Ngoc and Nguyen Quang Toan.

‘The Knight Don Quixote’, one of the greatest works of all time, has been translated into numerous languages and reprinted thousands of time. This publication by the Kim Dong Publishing House is based on the book which was published for the first time in Vietnam in 1959, translated by Hoang Dinh Huy.

The translator, who is known as poet Vo Quang, also adapted and translated the folk legend of the knight Robin Hood and published a book titled ‘The Hero of the Serpent Forest’ in 1961.

In order to pay tribute to the predecessor, Kim Dong Publishing House reprinted these two classic literary works, maintaining the contents of the first edition but changing the Vietnamese spelling of individual nouns into Latin as well as the individual titles of the books.

‘The Adventures of Baron Munchausen’ translated by Quan Khue and ‘The Golden Key, or The Adventures of Buratino’ translated by Meritorious teacher and cultural researcher Do Duc Hieu are expected to attract a large number of readers.