Book on Vietnamese communal house architecture published

Thursday, 2017-08-10 12:08:20
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The book's cover.
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NDO – The Institute for the Conservation of Monuments (ICM) under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on August 9 introduced a book named ‘Vietnamese communal house architecture through ICM’s documents, first volume’.

This will be the first book in the series on the ICM’s research results for many years to come.

Vietnamese communal house has long been a research subject, while there are many articles and books on this topic these books will be shown from a different perspective.

Beside the photos, this book will also include drawings and research articles on 15 typical communal houses in the North, providing accurate scientific information to readers, documents on the history, architecture and sculpture of the monuments are also presented, along with many new interpretations and views.

In particular, many materials will be published for the first time, thus becoming more valuable as many architectural and sculptural elements of the communal house are missing, yet are presented only in this book.

A series of typical Vietnamese communal houses in the North, Central and South region are expected to be introduced in the next volume. Similar publications on other types of architectural monuments such as pagodas and temples (including temples, Champa towers) will also be launched in the near future.