New Music show series to be held in Hanoi

New Music show series to be held in Hanoi

NDO – Seven events featuring concerts, workshops and festivals on New Music will take place in Hanoi from February 21 to April 27, with the participation of Vietnamese and international composers and musicians. (Feb 20, 2019 17:45:58)


Vietnamese couple with unique international instruments

  Feb 10, 2019 15:07:45
NDO – With unique musical instruments from many countries across the world, such as didgeridoo flute from Australia, hang drum of Switzerland and djembe drum of Africa, Huynh Tan Vu,in Da Lat city, the Central Highland province of Lam Dong, has conquered both domestic and international visitors. 

Vietnamese showbiz’s young talents

  Feb 09, 2019 09:35:39
NDO - In the Vietnamese entertainment market in 2018, numerous outstanding young artists, with their ambition and creative capacity, have left an initial impression on arts lovers. 

Meeting with photographer Dang Quang Vinh, the conqueror of multiple international awards

  Feb 07, 2019 18:14:58
NDO – At the recent award ceremony of the Orhan Holding 14th International Photo Contest in Bursa, Turkey, Vietnam won big with a total of 12 prizes in four categories and nine works selected to be introduced at exhibitions. In particular, photographer Dang Quang Vinh won all five awards and the best author award at the end. 

Preserving beauty of Hue’s traditional Ao Dai

  Feb 07, 2019 09:21:40
NDO – Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese long dress) is a tourism product that the ancient central city of Hue has successfully promoted. 

Tet painting brings good wishes for a happy new year

  Feb 06, 2019 11:59:32
NDO – The image of the pig has become extremely familiar in folk paintings of Dong Ho and Kim Hoang. The pig – the animal designation of the 2019 Lunar New Year inspires creativity among the famous painters, who are close collaborators of Nhan Dan's monthly magazine. The paintings convey the painter’s good wishes, beautiful dreams of a new year of affluence to the readership and every home.  

Spring in Pinh Village

  Feb 06, 2019 11:29:33
NDO – Peach blossoms and apricot flowers are blooming on the mountain side of Ban Pinh village, Trung Minh commune, Yen Son district, Tuyen Quang province, signaling the coming of spring in the remote villages. In the villages, all of the people are Dao Tien ethnic people. They have many unique customs, including customs to welcome the New Year with many characteristics, which express high community connections.  

Researcher Nguyen Hung Vy: Tet places eternal value in Vietnamese people’s spiritual life

  Feb 05, 2019 09:53:19
NDO – On the first day of the lunar New Year (Tet) 2019 – the Year of the Pig, Nhan Dan Weekly Newspaper held a talk with folklore cultural researcher Nguyen Hung Vy, who during his talk reiterated the true eternal value of Tet in Vietnamese people’s spiritual life. 

Sweet Then melodies in basalt land

  Feb 04, 2019 08:51:20
NDO – Whenever the sound of a Tinh gourd lute in harmony with the raspy, sweet and warm Then songs (a unique folk art practiced by Tay and Nung ethnic groups) resounds among the forests in the Central Highlands, ethnic minority people of the Tay, Nung, Kinh, E De, and M’Nong come closer together. 

Songs about beloved Fatherland of Vietnam promoted in France

  Feb 03, 2019 08:10:01
NDO – Over the past ten years, members of Que Huong (Hometown) Choir have been utterly dedicated to conveying the patriotism and national pride to the community as well as promoting Vietnamese people’s cultural and spiritual identities to French and international friends. 

Young generations of OVs face towards fatherland

  Jan 31, 2019 17:14:58
NDO – The Europe – Vietnam Association was launched to the public in May 2016 in Paris, France, aiming for younger generations of Overseas Vietnamese (OVs) in the host country to learn Vietnamese and study traditional national culture, songs and musical instruments. 

Spring Calligraphy Festival preserves ancient tradition of Tet

  Jan 30, 2019 13:57:25
NDO – The 2019 Spring Calligraphy Festival officially opened at the Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam (Temple of Literature) in Hanoi on January 29, attracting a large number of visitors. 

H'Hen Nie wins Missosology Timeless Beauty 2018

  Jan 29, 2019 13:05:52
NDO – Overcoming 112 beauties, Vietnam representative H'Hen Nie has won the Missosology Timeless Beauty 2018 award. 

Cultural and arts activities to be staged in HCMC to welcome lunar New Year

  Jan 28, 2019 16:59:46
NDO – A series of activities will be staged in Ho Chi Minh City to celebrate the 89th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam and to welcome lunar New Year 2019 – the Year of the Pig. 

Hanoi to host Spring Press Festival

  Jan 25, 2019 17:10:25
NDO – The 2019 Hanoi Spring Press Festival officially opened at the Vietnam-Soviet Friendship Labour Cultural Palace on January 25, featuring 25 pavilions by numerous press agencies in the city.