Blood and Snow

Blood and Snow

Don’t you feel jealous leaving your newly wed bride at home by herself? Old Lin’s words were a breeze blowing past his face, and Pu didn’t pay attention. But when the breeze blew three times, he shuddered. (Oct 29, 2017)


No connections

  Sep 09, 2017
Thoa’s mother nagged her all the way home. When she met any of her relatives, she also complained, “Nobody here talks to me. Have they all turned dumb?”  

A gunshot

  Sep 03, 2017
While walking through the cave suddenly I saw a ferocious-looking hunter a few metres in front of me. He had unkempt hair, a bushy beard and hairy arms, with a gun in hands aimed at me. I hid behind a tree trunk, frightened to death.  

The Ghost of Gold

  Aug 20, 2017
The trading platform I used to operate 23 hours a day with the software mt4. It attracts investors through leverage; if an investor is wise enough, the leverage will be their advantage, bringing profits when they have good luck. But the wise investor will never be distracted by the leverage.  

The dead peach blossoms

  Aug 06, 2017
Returning home after a busy afternoon in the peach field, my father wearily sat down on the wooden plank bed and rubbed the dirt off his trousers.  

A love song in a deserted garden

  Jul 30, 2017
I am a songwriter and she is a singer with the sweetest voice. We once tried to come together but everything was against us. After that, we lived far from each other for a decade.  

Milk flower

  Jul 23, 2017
I finished my breakfast at 8 o’clock with a cup of coffee and the sonata Moonlight. Then I began my working day by reading a scientific report “The Preservation of National Cultural Heritage”. But I could not continue as I was struck by a sneezing fit. I stood up and walked toward the window, looking down onto the street. It was already autumn and Hanoi was drenched in golden sunlight that reflected off the young, nubile students in elegant áo dài dresses.  

The last river boat service

  Jul 09, 2017
Dan Nam is a river passenger boat that sails from Thuong Dan to Xuyen Nam. When Trieu Tai began working on it as a ticket seller, the boat was decades old.  

Our Founding Fathers

  Jun 18, 2017
For a whole year, whenever Hung, a doctor, worked a night shift, his wife Ngoc would also be away from home, but Hung’s aunt Hai wasn’t worried about that. 

Great foresight

  Jun 11, 2017
The weather forecast said that today’s temperature might hit 39 degrees Celsius and that it was the hottest spell in the year of our lord 2016. Worse still ,a power cut plunged the whole town of Đong Thinh into darkness. In the daytime, the eternal hum of the cicadas made the atmosphere even stuffier.  

The old teacher's dream

  Jun 04, 2017
One morning Yen received a phone call from a number she didn’t recognise. “My dear Aunt Yen, do you remember me? I’m your niece Khanh.”  

The Late Gruel

  May 21, 2017
According to local practices, adead person’s coffin is laid in the middle of the house for five nights before being buried. On the first and second evenings, many neighbours and relatives pay homage to him. During the thirdand fourthdays, fewer visitors come and on the last, there isalmost none, except for a few standingvigil. They staylate playing cards, not for money, but to dispel thedreary atmosphere, along with a few drinks. Then deep at night, the host cooksgruelto fight their enemies; hunger and sleep.  

What a quiet ferry landing!

  May 13, 2017
A siren was echoing from the ferry landing. Huong was busy cooking. It was her daily chore, from early morning to late at night. When she lived with her parents, she did field work, and now with her husband’s family, she had to farm. She planted maize, beans, chili, pepper and cucumber. She was always busy, day in day out. But she was used to it. Every woman she knew was in the same boat.  

The Suicide Elephant

  Apr 30, 2017
As I stood on stage for the graduation ceremony of our university one morning, I still thought about the ill-fated elephant in the city zoo from six months ago. The animal’s death was vivid in my mind, while the MC’s introduction sounded totally meaningless. Snapping out of my day dream, I noticed a slender girl in front of me walking off the stage. Looking around, I saw I was alone on stage.  

The fellow-traveller

  Apr 09, 2017
“Here we are! Get off, both of you, please!” the motortaxi driver said. Kha was startled.