Love stays

Love stays

NDO - The Sim Sim motel was alone on the freezing cold afternoon of the 30th of Lunar December. Clouds were seen hanging along the snaking mountain road. All the passengers in the car kept silent. Van, director of a company, was driving the Nissan Patrol with his friends in it. The road was rugged with a lot of craters. (Jan 27, 2017)


Those lonely elderly people

  Dec 11, 2016
There were garden houses nestled in a quiet and lovely area, far from the noisy district filled with shops. On the corner of the road there was a small patch of land with three tiny houses.  

The paternal aunt

  Dec 04, 2016
When the ashes of Mrs Thung’s elder sister-in- law reached Dong Mo commune it was already two in the morning.  

A season of tiny crabs

  Nov 27, 2016
It was twilight. In the sky, there were only some thin light-yellow wisps of cloud. It was the end of autumn, with chilly breezes coming in fits and starts. The sound of waves breaking on the shore conjured up old memories of holidaymakers sunbathing on the beach.  

The fate of a woman

  Nov 13, 2016
The house with four compartments had only one door, so it looked pitch dark inside while it was still bright outside. It was even darker in the room where Mui and her baby son were lying.  

The coloured cotton threads

  Nov 06, 2016
Di and her husband were like two coloured cotton threads spun together forming one piece of cloth. When another colour was added, it mixed things up. Similarly, another young woman in her nest would damage it. Worse, it would make her redundant.  

The awaiting wharf

  Oct 29, 2016
Tu deliberately put a flowerpot close to the veranda wall then slowly walked to the front courtyard. In the dim light of late afternoon, he looked a bit smaller.  

The fatal lock of hair

  Oct 23, 2016
“We’d better not see each other anymore,” Dung said to Cuong, her boyfriend. “But it isn’t goodbye for good. Just a temporary separation. Whenever, we need each other, we’ll come together again,” she said.  

A memorable bus trip

  Oct 16, 2016
I had not taken a bus on holiday for a long time. Taking a bus on holiday is hell, but I had no other option. 

The missing guitar string

  Oct 08, 2016
My maternal grandson was learning singing in school. After he heard his female teacher singing the song ‘Siboney’, he tried mumbling the tune all the way home from school.  

A nest of woodpeckers

  Oct 02, 2016
Teacher Minh had a fever. The first day his voice cracked, but he still was able to teach.  

Truth-measuring gauge

  Sep 17, 2016
This is the “software to measure truth”, integrated in a mobile phone that can record sounds and images, run by the operating system Ohhmimich, invented by a computer student named Ty.  

Acrazy man called Bum

  Sep 11, 2016
Nobody knew his real name, his age or even the reason why he went half crazy. Nobody took heed of that crazy guy. But his appearance made people around take interest in him.  

Mum’s ultimate suffering

  Aug 28, 2016
I did not know why my mother, among my maternal Grannie’s daughters-in-law, was the most hated. To an 8-year-old boy like me, family conflicts were beyond my awareness. The old woman was always nagging at my poor mother, my father only objected to her slightly, “Enough already, Mum!”  

The debt of deep affection

  Aug 14, 2016
Life seemed a very thick book whose pages could be turned over and over for hours. So did the affection between humans. It was similar to a debt that none of us might climb out of.