Consultative office No 18

Consultative office No 18

“Frankly speaking, I don’t know how to begin my story,” said the caller in a hesitant voice. “You might think it’s ridiculous that a woman of forty like me is still so impracticable,” she added.  (Mar 25, 2017)


Chin Khe mountain range

  Mar 19, 2017
Around when I decided to close Chin Khe Farm for repairs was when the ill-fated tourist came. She told me while pointing towards the highway that she and her friends had been in an accident. Her friends had left for home, but she decided come to this mountain valley.  

Love stays

  Jan 27, 2017
NDO - The Sim Sim motel was alone on the freezing cold afternoon of the 30th of Lunar December. Clouds were seen hanging along the snaking mountain road. All the passengers in the car kept silent. Van, director of a company, was driving the Nissan Patrol with his friends in it. The road was rugged with a lot of craters. 

Love in old days

  Jan 22, 2017
The story happened about sixty years ago. Back then my village was still overgrown with bamboo. Storks took refuge in the bamboo groves all around the village every evening.  

Red Sun flower

  Jan 15, 2017
Many young people like red sun flowers, not just because they are beautiful or because of their “lethal” bright colour.  

The wall of dreams

  Jan 08, 2017
On a Saturday morning, during a visit to my friend in the local cancer hospital, I stood confused in front of the pictures drawn on a wall under the stairs on the ground floor.  

The Separation

  Jan 01, 2017
“Luckily, only two people are missing after the terrible flooding,” said Loan’s husband as he closed his laptop.  

The man and his shadow

  Dec 25, 2016
Liquor was burning inside him while outside the sun was burning his head. His tousled hair smelled burned, as if it was on fire. His shoeless feet were scorching on the burning concrete. But he looked every inch the robust builder. 

Those lonely elderly people

  Dec 11, 2016
There were garden houses nestled in a quiet and lovely area, far from the noisy district filled with shops. On the corner of the road there was a small patch of land with three tiny houses.  

The paternal aunt

  Dec 04, 2016
When the ashes of Mrs Thung’s elder sister-in- law reached Dong Mo commune it was already two in the morning.  

A season of tiny crabs

  Nov 27, 2016
It was twilight. In the sky, there were only some thin light-yellow wisps of cloud. It was the end of autumn, with chilly breezes coming in fits and starts. The sound of waves breaking on the shore conjured up old memories of holidaymakers sunbathing on the beach.  

The fate of a woman

  Nov 13, 2016
The house with four compartments had only one door, so it looked pitch dark inside while it was still bright outside. It was even darker in the room where Mui and her baby son were lying.  

The coloured cotton threads

  Nov 06, 2016
Di and her husband were like two coloured cotton threads spun together forming one piece of cloth. When another colour was added, it mixed things up. Similarly, another young woman in her nest would damage it. Worse, it would make her redundant.  

The awaiting wharf

  Oct 29, 2016
Tu deliberately put a flowerpot close to the veranda wall then slowly walked to the front courtyard. In the dim light of late afternoon, he looked a bit smaller.  

The fatal lock of hair

  Oct 23, 2016
“We’d better not see each other anymore,” Dung said to Cuong, her boyfriend. “But it isn’t goodbye for good. Just a temporary separation. Whenever, we need each other, we’ll come together again,” she said.