A memorable bus trip

A memorable bus trip

I had not taken a bus on holiday for a long time. Taking a bus on holiday is hell, but I had no other option. (Oct 16, 2016)


The debt of deep affection

  Aug 14, 2016
Life seemed a very thick book whose pages could be turned over and over for hours. So did the affection between humans. It was similar to a debt that none of us might climb out of.  

A pair of tufted bulbuls

  Aug 06, 2016
Walking out of the forest, Pu put his newly-gathered bundle of firewood on the ground and sat down on a big rock. 

Tolerance means everything

  Jul 31, 2016
“Trang, come with me to a pretty distant place! I’ve got something to do there!” Tu said suddenly after phoning Trang. 

Long live fellow combatants

  Jul 24, 2016
The house gate was covered with entangled climbing plants. Thickets of red morning glory flowers climbed up the trellis fence. Sitting in a wheelchair, he smiled at her limping towards him. 

Up to the mountain, down to the sea

  Jul 16, 2016
I frequently recalled the special stories, told by the old woman in a peculiar voice, about her imaginary journeys up to the mountain and down to the sea, which I guessed she had often seen in her dreams. 

The debt collector

  Jul 09, 2016
Ruffians with their tattooed bodies are hired to claim debts for the creditor. They look terrible at first sight, yet when they face the police, they could testify right away the person who hired them to do it. 

Home is best

  Jun 25, 2016
This story happened nearly 20 years ago. It was the end of spring and the drizzling had started tapering off. 

Do come back, Giang!

  Jun 18, 2016
Giang got off the bus right at the bus stop at Dinh Tien Hoang Road and walked leisurely to the centre of the provincial capital. 

The waves

  Jun 12, 2016
No sooner had I arrived in Hanoi than my father phoned me: 

A fragile heart

  Jun 04, 2016
1. The alarm clock of little Mun was the fluffy foot of a pup called Ech. The dog used its fluffy feet to poke Mun’s hand until she moved on the bed, half opening her eyes and then…. falling back to sleep. 

Swimming towards the dreamland

  May 22, 2016
At the age of 35, Khanh Huong became a divorcée, although over the past 10 years, she had hoped in vain to bear her husband, a single male in his lineage, a baby boy. 

Such is life

  May 14, 2016
The old man left his fifth place, behind the other four, in the queue to reach its head. 

On the land of Binh An

  May 02, 2016
On this land of Binh An, Thuong was usually called an upstart farmer because he had a large French-style villa with 10 rooms on an area of 1,000square metres, according to the locals’ norm. Its front was so fully equipped with modern facilities that newly married couples often regarded it as a background for their photo albums in memory of their wedding days. 

House with a mouse

  Apr 23, 2016
Maya was tiptoeing like a cat. Her white feet were clearly seen on the grey nylon carpet. She craned her neck forward to walk to the kitchen.