International carnival stirs up Hanoi Pedestrian Street

International carnival stirs up Hanoi Pedestrian Street

NDO – Impressive street art performances by international artists with splendid and brightly coloured costumes have stirred up the pedestrianised streets of Hanoi on September 16.  (Sep 16, 2017)


Colourful Hanoi celebrates National Day

  Sep 02, 2017
NDO – In the cool autumn weather, all streets in the capital city are decorated with flamboyant flags to celebrate National Day. No more noisy scenes or traffic jams on the streets, relaxed people enjoy a peaceful Hanoi on National Day.  

Tam Duong locals celebrate National Day

  Sep 01, 2017
NDO – For many years, on the occasion of National Day (September 2), local people in Tam Duong district, in the mountainous northern province of Lai Chau, and neighbouring areas have immersed themselves in the indigenous cultural and artistic space imbued with the identities of the local ethnic minorities. National Day celebrations in Tam Duong have very much become a common festive day for the local people to meet, exchange and enjoy entertainment.  

The beauty of labourers

  Aug 25, 2017
NDO – Vietnam is not only blessed with imposing natural landscapes but also the impressive image of hard-working and diligent people in their work and production. 

Jubilant Ariêuping festival in Quang Tri

  Aug 10, 2017
NDO – The Ariêuping (sepulcher) festival is taking place at A Dang hamlet, Ta Rut commune, Dakrong district, Quang Tri province from August 8 to 10, attracting the participation of thousands of local people. 

Hanoi’s charity run kicks off Connecting Viet Youth 2017 programme

  Aug 07, 2017
NDO – Over 3,000 young people joined a colourful "Run for Charity" at Hang Day Stadium in Hanoi on August 6, the opening event for the third Connecting Viet Youth (CVY) 2017 programme. 

Antiques in the basement of National Assembly House

  Aug 02, 2017
NDO - Over 400 artifacts and almost 10 relics, restored with 3D technology, reflecting the history of 1,300 years of continuous development of Viet Nam, through periods of Dai La, Dinh, Ly, Tran, Le, are on show at the National Assembly (NA) House’s two basement levels. 

Wounded soldiers’ second family

  Jul 24, 2017
NDO - Lang Giang nursing centre, under the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, is currently providing care and treatment for 70 sick soldiers and war invalids, who have lost over 81% of their working capacity and need special care, from 21 provinces and cities across the country. Thanks to the attention of the staff, doctors and nurses in the centre, the wounded soldiers have always remained united in overcoming any difficulties or diseases, as well as staying healthy and stabilising their lives. The people at the centre are considered as their second family. 

Red carpets of freshwater mangrove flowers

  Jul 14, 2017
NDO - Freshwater mangroves, known among scientists as barringtonia acutangula, usually begin to blossom in the sixth lunar month. The blooming season lasts for about four months in the year, with drooping clusters of tiny red flowers sprout up one after another.  

Dung Quat Oil Refinery under maintenance

  Jul 02, 2017
NDO – In the extreme heat of the central region, thousands of experts, engineers and workers participating in the third phase of Dung Quat Oil Refinery Plant Maintenance are urgently and precisely working on each task to quickly put the billion-dollar petrochemical complex, the heart of Vietnam’s industry, back into operation.  

Crimson and gilded wooden treasures tell Vietnamese history

  Jun 30, 2017
NDO – Wood carving and painting is a profession with a long tradition in Vietnamese culture. In its long history of development, crimson and gilded objects with fine carvings, red paint, and sparkling gold, not only reflect the aesthetics and skills of craftsmen but also express historical values of Vietnamese culture. 

Hanoi’s double-decker sightseeing bus makes first trip

  Jun 30, 2017
NDO - A double-decker sightseeing bus embarked on a trial operation in the capital city on June 30, to collect public feedback before starting official service which is scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter. 

Da Nang fireworks festival: Italian team win pyrotechnics contest

  Jun 25, 2017
NDO - A pyrotechnic team from Italy has been crowned champion of the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) for their amazing display on the final night of competition on June 24. 

Colourful art road in Quang Nam

  Jun 19, 2017
NDO – An art road, with a total length of 1.5 kilometres, is displaying 111 painting works on boats at Tam Thanh commune, Quang Nam province. The works are part of the community-based ecotourism development project held by Tam Ky city’s People’s Committee and teachers of the Singapore Technology and Design University. 

Chu Dau pottery – the continuance of Vietnamese cultural identities

  Jun 17, 2017
NDO – Flourishing during the 13th-17th centuries, Chu Dau pottery later waned in popularity but thanks to the tireless efforts of scientists, related authorities and with support from the business community, the local pottery has been revitalised, with its unique characteristics from the past, as one of the nation’s most beautiful ceramic styles.