Van village festival to pray for water source

Van village festival to pray for water source

NDO – The festival is a typical feature of the wet rice culture, expressing the desire of agricultural inhabitants for good weather and a bountiful harvest. (19 hours ago)


Hanoi festival introduces typical Belgian culture to Vietnamese people

  May 13, 2018
NDO – A series of event in celebration of the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Belgium (1973-2018) were held at the King Ly Thai To monument in Hanoi on May 12. 

Wild Ganh Yen

  May 09, 2018
NDO – Through millions of years of geological formation, sedimentary rocks piled on top of one another, creating an arc around the coast, forming the Ganh Yen (Quang Ngai) landscape. Over the years, Ganh Yen has kept its beauty – a pure beauty by the sea. 

‘Then’ singing in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter

  May 06, 2018
NDO – A programme to promote Then folk singing of the Tay, Nung, and Thai ethnic minority groups has been held at the Kim Ngan temple in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. 

Visiting Karl Marx at Highgate Cemetery in British capital

  May 04, 2018
NDO – In addition to being considered one of the most valuable treasures in London, with its Victorian Gothic architecture, the Highgate Cemetery is also known for its “inhabitants,” who were the famous figures of London across hundreds of years. 

Tam Dao - a small town in the clouds

  May 02, 2018
NDO – Tam Dao Resort is located in Tam Dao town in the district of the same name in Vinh Phuc province, about 70km from Hanoi. 

Female workers invaluable to nation’s economic development

  May 01, 2018
NDO – Vietnam is among the top countries around the world for the highest percentage of women in the labour force, at 72%, with female workers accounting for 48.4% of the total labour force, making an invaluable contribution to national development. 

Truong Sa archipelago - the nation’s sacred territory

  Apr 27, 2018
NDO – In April 2018, Giai Thanh, a reporter from Nhan Dan Newspaper, joined a delegation of local leaders from relevant localities for a visit to the nation’s outpost on Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago. Following are inspiring images of the nation’s sacred territory as seen through the reporter’s lens.  

Vietnamese pay tribute to nation’s legendary founders Hung Kings

  Apr 25, 2018
NDO – Various activities are being held across the nation to commemorate the Hung Kings, the legendary founders of the country, on April 25, or the 10th day of the third lunar month. 

Fun and games at ethnology museum over national holiday

  Apr 24, 2018
NDO - A folk cultural programme will be held from April 28-29 at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology to meet the entertainment demand of capital dwellers during the upcoming Liberation Day (April 30) and May Day national holidays. In addition, visitors will be able to enjoy a water puppet show by artists from Dong Ngu ward, Bac Ninh province. 

Mural village project in Da Nang city

  Apr 23, 2018
NDO - A mural village project at Phuoc Ninh ward, Hai Chau, which began as an idea of the Secretary of the Youth Union of Phuoc Ninh ward, will be officially inaugurated on April 23. The project, featuring pictures on the places, cultural features and people of Da Nang City, is expected to attract many visitors to Da Nang.  

Vietnam's top destinations featured on CNN’s photo tour

  Apr 23, 2018
NDO – Vietnam’s typical beauty and its stunning diverse landscapes, as well as its culture, architecture and cuisine have been vividly reflected in a photo story run by CNN. 

Feature: Discovering Vietnam’s archaeological treasures

  Apr 13, 2018
NDO – The achievements of Vietnamese archaeologists in the past 60 years are on display at the special exhibition titled “Treasures of Vietnam’s archaeology,” held until July this year at the Hanoi-based Vietnam National Museum of History. 

Vibrant violet flamboyant flower season in Da Lat

  Apr 10, 2018
NDO – Arriving in Da Lat city between the Lunar New Year and April is the best time to admire the beauty of the vivid violet flamboyant flowers for any tourist. Da Lat's roads are covered with vibrant violet flamboyant flowers. Its unique colour evokes a sense of romance, serenity, and beautiful memories of the past. 

Summer starts with colourful mulberry season in Hanoi’s suburbs

  Apr 09, 2018
NDO – Beginning in April each year, farmers in the district of Phuc Tho on the outskirt of Hanoi are busy harvesting their ripe mulberries. It’s clear to witness the vast eye-catching areas in the red and dark purple of the colourful mulberry fruits when visiting Hiep Thuan, a peaceful commune on the banks of the Day River.