Blooming white reeds in Hanoi

Friday, 2016-12-02 14:56:11
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Reeds on the banks of the Red River. (Photo: Quoc Vuong)
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NDO – Only less than 2km from downtown Hanoi, the Red River’s Bai Giua (Middle Bank) – a green oasis plain in Long Bien district, has long been a popular destination for those who want to discover a different Hanoi of peace and serenity.

From mid-November, the middle plain transforms into a picturesque scene of white reeds in full bloom. Hanoi at the beginning of the chilly winter with golden sunshine and light winds dramatically changes the atmosphere of the bustling city. This is also the time when Hanoian girls and tourists often pose for photographs with the graceful flowers.

The Red River’s reed plain has become familiar with Hanoian people over the years. (Photo: Quoc Vuong)

For them, it is an unforgettable memory. (Photo: Nguyen Ngoc)

A girl with reed flowers. (Photo: Donkihote)

Dancing with flowers. (Photo: Tran Trung Kien)

Young people come to the plain to enjoy the cool weather against a backdrop of white reed flowers. (Photo: Dao Anh Tuan)

Hanoian girls in traditional dress pose with blooming white flowers. (Photo: Dao Anh Tuan)

(Photo: Charm Nga)

Reminiscing of long-lost childhood days alongside reed flowers. (Photo: Dao Anh Tuan)

Cotton white reed fields. (Photo: Vu Huy)

In November, Red River’s reed field is he preferred choice of many. (Photo: Le Dinh Hung)

Charm Nga