March in Hanoi

Friday, 2018-03-09 17:53:06
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Plants such as Barringtonia acutangula and Giant Crape-myrtle change leaves at the same time.
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NDO – March, when the trees change leaves, is one of the most blossoming months of the year in Hanoi. Walking along the city streets, visitors will be surprised to realise that Hanoi has all four seasons with every colour of flowers and plants.

From March, many roads in Hanoi are covered with vibrant colors

Yellow and red leaves stand out on the blue sky

Meanwhile, flowers of the perennial tree known scientifically as Dalbergia tonkinensis or sua in Vietnamese usually bloom in late March. Hanoi’s streets are adorned with pure white petals that few cities are gifted with.

The sporadic white of the early blossoms is a familiar sight to passers-by.

Grapefruit flowers have also become a symbol of March in Hanoi

Grapefruit flower baskets appear on Hanoi’s streets and Hanoians can smell the sweet scent of grapefruit flowers everywhere.

In March, visitors can appreciate the Bauhinia on Thanh Nien and Hoang Dieu streets.