Tam Dao - a small town in the clouds

Wednesday, 2018-05-02 11:26:25
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Tam Dao Resort is located in the north of Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc province and is surrounded by Tam Dao National Park.
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NDO – Tam Dao Resort is located in Tam Dao town in the district of the same name in Vinh Phuc province, about 70km from Hanoi.

One of the most attractive destinations in the North, Tam Dao is located on the Tam Dao mountain range over 900m above sea level. In Tam Dao, there are three mountains, Thach Ban (1,388m), Thien Thi (1,375m), and Phu Nghia (1,400m), rising above the sea of clouds like three islands. That is the source of the Vietnamese name “Tam Dao,” meaning “three islands.”

During the April 30-4 and May 1 holiday, Tam Dao welcomed tens of thousands of visitors.

Tam Dao is attractive to young people.

It has long been a popular destination for travelers.

Tam Dao has many green gardens which take on an ethereal beauty in the fog.

When the night falls, visitors can enjoy their drinks in ancient gardens in the cool weather.

It is easy to find a quiet corner to enjoy Tam Dao’s beauty.

The tourist town has a clean, cool climate, with average temperatures of about 18°C year round.

The ancient church in Tam Dao was built in a neo-classical colonial French architectural style in 1906. It was leaf roofed and re-built in 1937 with a solid stone and brick structure.

The arches around the church offer gorgeous views of the entire town below enshrouded with mist.

Grilled food is a favourite snack for many visitors to the town.

Attractive souvenirs.

As an ancient town, Tam Dao has more than 100 old buildings and villas dating back to the 19th century. Most of the old mansions have now been replaced by large hotels and restaurants.

Photo: Tran Hai - Duc Anh