Lotus flowers in full bloom in Hanoi

Thursday, 2018-06-14 12:28:05
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In the Xuan Dinh lotus pond, thousands of lotus flowers are beginning to emit a scent that signals another lotus season has returned.
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NDO – Throughout these warm days of June, lotus flowers are blooming all around Hanoi. Fragrant lotus flowers pour over the road, in every corner of the capital, cooling the hot summer air.

The pink lotus creates the distinctive characteristics of the flowers of Thang Long

In the early morning, lotus growers are picking flowers to serve customers

The lotus flower of West Lake will spread its wings and blossom with fragrance. The lotus flower can be used to make tea to become lotus tea - a sophisticated drink in Hanoi.

Flowers are bunched, each bouquet of flowers has dozens of flower-buds with long stalks.

In the streets of Hanoi, especially in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, it is not difficult to catch a bicycle carrying lotus everywhere.

Pink lotus seeds and white lotus are wrapped in green lotus leaves, cooling the hot summer air in the capital

Now, every lotus season, the lotus pond becomes a place to attract crowds of young girls, couples and families to take pictures.