President calls for effective preparation in organising APEC 2017

Thursday, 2017-09-14 09:19:54
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NDO – In continuation of the activities for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Year 2017, to be hosted by Vietnam, President Tran Dai Quang hosted a meeting with the leaders of related ministries and agencies to discuss preparations for the APEC 2017 events.

At the meeting, leaders of the APEC 2017 National Committee, the APEC 2017 Secretariat, and the relevant ministries and agencies reported on the results of APEC 2017 activities undertaken since the end of 2016, as well as the work to be done until the end of 2017.

President Quang praised and appreciated the efforts of the APEC National Committee and Secretariat, as well as the concerned ministries, sectors and localities in preparing effectively for the hosting of the APEC Year 2017 over the course of the past three years, and most importantly, the upcoming APEC Economic Leaders’ Week, to be held in Da Nang next November.

He said that the relevant ministries, committees, branches and localities have been actively involved and have closely coordinated to ensure the thorough organisation of APEC related events.

The previous four ministerial conferences, in addition to the four Senior Officials' Meetings with nearly 200 gatherings, as well as the first stage of preparation for the high-level week, have achieved positive results both in terms of content and organsation, creating a good impression on international friends on the proactive role of Vietnam in hosting the events, he said, adding that this is an important basis to continue the effective preparation in organising the high-level week in Da Nang in November.

President Quang affirmed that the organisation of the APEC Year 2017 is an important foreign policy towards 2020 and a strategic priority of Vietnam in implementing the comprehensive and effective international integration and improving multilateral foreign affairs.

In order to ensure the successful organisation of the APEC 2017 High Level Week, preparation should be in alignment with the intended purpose, requirements and motto pursued, the State leader said, urging the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assume prime responsibility, and coordinate closely with the relevant ministries, branches and localities in the preparation and organisation of relevant activities to ensure the effectiveness, safety and security for the high-level week, as well as the agenda and activities for APEC economies’ leaders and events during the week.

The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry was urged to coordinate with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Planning and Investment and Industry and Trade to prepare practical cooperation contents and attract a large number of regional leading corporations and businesses to participate in the APEC Business Summit and Vietnam Business Summit.

The concerned authorities should also pay attention to information and communication work for people and businesses to ensure they are aware of the significance and importance of the APEC, thereby promoting their responsibility and actively contributing to the promotion of the image of Vietnam as a dynamic and integrated country with a friendly, hospitable and modern Vietnamese people.

Stating that there is not much time left until the opening of the high-level week, President Quang asked the APEC Sub-Committee on Logistics and the APEC 2017 National Committee to coordinate with Da Nang People's Committee to regularly inspect and accelerate the completion of quality works serving the week.

President Quang stated that the decisive factor for the success of the APEC 2017 Summit is to ensure absolute safety and security of all activities during this event. The Ministries of Defence, Public Security and concerned ministries, branches and localities should continue to improve their protection plans, while regularly conducting rehearsals on handling complex situations that may occur, as well as attaching great importance to effectively performing preventive medicine work, assuring medical facilities and medical resources and ensuring good hygiene and food safety for the APEC meetings.