Vietnam’s active contributions to ASEAN development and success

Tuesday, 2015-07-28 13:51:42
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NDO- Today, Vietnam celebrates the 20th anniversary of joining the Association of South East Asian Nations - ASEAN (July 28, 1995 - July 28, 2015). Vietnam’s development over the past 20 years shows that the decision to join ASEAN was a positive strategic move, marking an important milestone in the country’s development and international integration.

This day 20 years ago, at the National Convention Centre of Brunei, Vietnam’s flag was hoisted, joining the flags of other ASEAN nations, signaling Vietnam becoming the seventh member of ASEAN. Joining ASEAN was an important breakthrough for Vietnam in implementing the country’s foreign policy, approved by the seventh Party Congress. The policy has brought about various benefits for the country, as the “Doi Moi” policy was being implemented and Vietnam was healing the wounds of war and moving towards regional and global integration. Vietnam has turned foes into friends, opening new markets and mobilising more resources for development.

Under the Party’s leadership, over the past 30 years of reforms and 20 years since joining ASEAN, from a poor country devastated by wars, Vietnam has seen significant socio-economic development under a socialist oriented market economy. The country has escaped economic crisis, maintaining macro-economic stability with GDP growth averaging 6-7% per year, and reached the middle income status in 2008 with income per capita of more than US$1000. In 2014, GDP per capita was almost US$2,000, with the poverty rate reduced to below 8%, from 58% in 1993. The political system and national unity have been consolidated, with a stable socio political situation and expanding external relations. Vietnam’s position in the international arena has been heightened.

We are proud of Vietnam’s contributions to ASEAN during the country’s two decades of ASEAN membership. Although not a founder of the organisation, Vietnam has been more and more active in ASEAN’s activities, promoting the membership of Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, and organising the 6th ASEAN summit in Hanoi in December 1998, which helped shape the organisation’s direction and lifted it out of the regional economic and financial crisis. Vietnam successfully carried out its role as the organisation’s Chair in 2010 with practical and substantial results, promoting the “implementation culture” and further realising the goal of establishing the ASEAN Community in 2015, raising the organisation’s international position. Vietnam has left its footprint on major documents of the group, including the 2020 Vision and its associated Actions Plans, the ASEAN Chapter, the ASEAN Community Plan of Action as well as other Plans of Action. Vietnam continues to promote ASEAN’s role as a force for peace and security in the region, including maintaining peace, security, and maritime safety in the East Sea.

Vietnam will continue to attach itself to ASEAN as part of its implementation of the Resolutions of the 11th Party Congress on external relations, on its way to further regional integration for peace, security, stability and prosperity for all of ASEAN’s 625 million people. We strongly believe that under the leadership of the Party, Vietnam will continue to overcome hardships and successfully implement the Party’s resolutions, and successfully organise Party congresses at all levels toward the National Party Congress. This will build a foundation for a Vietnam of peace, independence, unity, democracy, prosperity toward socialism.