August Revolution inspires us to move forward

Wednesday, 2015-08-19 12:37:14
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Hanoians gathered in front of the Hanoi Opera House during the historic days of August 1945.
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NDO - Seventy years ago under the leadership of the Party, the entire nation took the opportunity to rise up in a revolt that seized and returned power to the people.

The victory of a general uprising in Hanoi inspired other regions throughout the country. After more than ten days, with a sweeping force, Vietnamese people from all walks of life - from north to south, from low-lands to mountains, from towns to countryside - sprang into action, defeating the colonialist and feudal regimes and realising their aspirations for independence which had already been fostered for generations.

The great victory of the August Revolution was a victory of the Vietnamese people’s patriotism, indomitable spirit and strength of national unity under the effective leadership of the Party and Ho Chi Minh. It was innovative use of Marxism-Leninism and the inheritance and experience of revolutionary movements directed by the Party. It was an inevitable victory as the Vietnamese revolution had undergone many tests of endurance over the previous 15 years under the leadership of a young political party with a mere 5,000 members. It was a victory of the art of seizing opportunities, combining an armed revolt with people power to overthrow the oppressive regimes.

The victory of the August Revolution and the establishment of the first people’s democratic country in southeast Asia put an end to the Vietnamese people’s innumerable years of suffering and oppression, opening a new era of national independence and socialism. The Vietnamese people rose up from sharing the same status as slaves to become the proud rulers of their country. The Communist Party became the only ruling political party to lead the Vietnamese revolution and people in constructing the nation.

Seventy years have passed and with the August Revolution receding into the past, its significance has become more evident. The revolution was an immense inspiration, driving the entire Party, people and army to fight in long resistance wars against the most brutal and aggressive foreign forces of the time, accomplishing remarkable feats - the pinnacles being the Dien Bien Phu Victory of 1954 and the Great Spring Victory of 1975 - liberating the whole of southern Vietnam, reunifying the country and leading the country on the road to socialism.

Nearly three decades of the Doi Moi reform have been an important period in the history of Vietnam, with significant achievements that have brought about profound changes to the country. However with great opportunities come great challenges which Vietnam is still facing. 2015 is the final year for the Resolution of the 11th Party Congress, the key year of the 2011-2020 Socio-Economic Development Plan and the year in which local Party congresses are being organised in preparation for the 12th National Party Congress in 2016. More than ever, the spirit of the August Revolution inspires the entire Party, people and army to bring into play the patriotic tradition and the spirit of unity to seize opportunities, overcome all difficulties and strive to meet socio-economic targets. We will make the greatest efforts to accelerate the renovation process, international integration, construct and defend the socialist motherland, and work towards the goal of a wealthy, democratic, fair and civilised country.

The experiences and enormous value of the August Revolution are always a motivation and strength for the nation and people on the path forward.