Raising consensus in thoughts and actions, successfully implementing Resolution of 11th Party National Congress, towards 12th Congress

Monday, 2015-10-12 11:59:07
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At the meeting (Photo: VNA)
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NDO- The 12th meeting of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC) (11th tenure) successfully wrapped up in Hanoi on October 11, after a week of discussions.

The meetings centred around the socio-economic performance and State budget in 2015, and the plans for socio-economic development and budget in 2016; the Party Central Committee’s plans for electing deputies to the NA (14th tenure) and the People’s Councils at all levels in the 2016-2021 tenure; as well as a number of other important matters.

Regarding the socio-economic performance and State budget in 2015, and plans for socio-economic development and budgeting in 2016, the Party Central Committee mostly agreed with the report delivered by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. 2015 is the final year for the Resolution of the 11th Party Congress, the key year of the 2011-2020 Socio-Economic Development Plan and the year in which local Party congresses are being organised in preparation for the 12th National Party Congress in 2016.

With the efforts made by the entire Party, people and army, and the political system, the country’s socio-economic situation has witnessed positive changes and achieved important results in many areas. Macro-economic stability has been maintained with inflation being kept at around 2%, the lowest over the past 15 years. Production and sales have continued to recover and economic growth reached 6.5%, exceeding the set-target. Economic restructuring aligned with renewing the growth model has been promoted whilst social security has been ensured and people's living conditions have continued to be improved. The poverty rate fell below 4.5%.

At the meeting, the delegates emphasised that the correct assessment of the national socio-economic situation from the beginning of this year until now and for the entire year will serve as an important premise to make an accurate evaluation of the implementation of socio-economic development tasks and targets set by the 11th National Party Congress and the Party Central Committee’s resolutions.

In relation to the 2016 socio-economic development plan, the delegates agreed that measures to improve growth quality were needed, as well as others to improve sustainable socio-cultural and human development. The government needs to scale down overspending, control public debt, deal with bad debt and weak commercial banks, improve governance, and improve the operating efficiency of State-owned enterprises. Other key measures were also highlighted, including fine-tuning the socialist-oriented market economy and improving the business climate so that Vietnam may take advantage of opportunities brought about by global integration.

Also at the 12th meeting, Party officials reviewed personnel preparations for the 12th Party Central Committee. Participants scrutinised the Politburo’s presentation on the nomination of candidates for the 12th Party Central Committee, which will be elected at the 12th National Party Congress in early 2016. Party officials also discussed the Poliburo’s report on personnel preparations for the Politburo and the Party Secretariat along with key positions of the sixth National Party Congress in the time prior to the 12th National Party Congress.

The meeting also focused its group discussions on plans for electing deputies to the National Assembly (14th tenure) and People’s Councils at all levels for the 2016-2021 tenure. In regards to the election of deputies to the NA and People’s Councils at all levels for the new tenure, 500 individuals are needed to be elected, with the quality and necessary qualifications held as the top priority.

The 12th meeting of the CPVCC has successfully been concluded. In his closing speech, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong underscored that the successful implementation of the resolution adopted by the Party Central Committee would help complete socio-economic development tasks for 2015 and 2016, and help the country to hold a successful 12th National Party Congress.