New Year, new momentum for development

Friday, 2016-01-01 11:42:23
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Fireworks in Da Nang to welcome 2016
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NDO- The year 2015 has just passed, and it was a year of great significance in the implementation of the 2011-2015 five-year plan, and a year of party congresses at different levels, leading toward the 12 National Party Congress.

Despite various hardship, the whole Party, people and the armed forces have strived hard and recorded important achievements, which serve as momentum for the country’s development in the coming 5 years. The economy has recovered with the highest growth rate in the eight most years, reaching about 6.68% - higher than expected. The macro economy has been stable, with low inflation. All socio-economic sectors have seen positive developments, the safety net is secure and democracy continued to be promoted. Politics and society have been stable, defense and security have been enhanced, and national sovereignty has been protected. Party building and the development of the political system have recorded major achievements.

There are still areas that need attention. The effectiveness and quality of competitiveness, and the ability to integrate in the global economy are low, agriculture production and business are still facing difficulties, the budget structure is not reasonable with a high deficit, public debt is rising with high pressure on repayment, the restructuring process in some areas is slow, administrative reforms, anti-corruption and wastefulness are still factors, and there are new challenges to protection of our sea and island territories.

The 12th national party congress is convening soon, and will map out major policies and decisions to move the country forward.

The year 2016 is the first year to implement the Resolutions of the 12 National Party Congress and the 5 year plan of 2016-2020, the year of the 14th General elections and Elections of the People’s Councils at different levels. It requires all Party, People and the Armed forces to unite and immediately start with the new goals and tasks of the new year, so as to record new achievements to set the momentum for development.


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