Bringing spring to disadvantaged and policy beneficiary families

Monday, 2016-01-18 12:33:39
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President Truong Tan Sang presents gifts to households in mountainous regions
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NDO - Sharing the atmosphere of Tet (Lunar New Year), the national traditional festival which will take place in three weeks, ministries, sectors, all-level authorities, localities and the people are actively preparing Tet gifts to present to disadvantaged people and policy beneficiary families.

Tet 2016 will be a very special festival for the entire Vietnamese people both at home and abroad as it will come after the conclusion of the 12th National Party Congress.

Under the sound leadership of the Party and Government, the country has overcome many difficulties and challenges in 2015 to gain many important achievements in socio-economic development. The living standards of the people continue to be improved with ensured social welfare and security.

However, the rates of poor households, households living near the poverty line and households relapsing into poverty remain high, particularly those in remote, rural and mountainous areas. Therefore, it is an important task to create favourable conditions for poverty stricken and policy beneficiary families to stabilise their life and prepare for Tet.

In early January, President Truong Tan Sang signed a decision on gift distribution to national and revolutionary contributors on the occasion of Tet 2016. All-level Party Committees, authorities, agencies, sectors, unions and localities nationwide agreed to build plans and allocate funds to present Tet gifts to the people with the focus placed on the poor, policy beneficiary families, and soldiers working at border, island and sea areas.

In the first days of 2016, many cargo ships from the mainland transported hundreds of tonnes of goods and gifts to soldiers and officials working and living on national islands.

The highest goal of the political system is not to let the people suffer from hunger during the Tet holiday. Thus, it is necessary to ensure the quality of Tet gifts and early hand over of gifts to disadvantaged people. Any act of embezzlement of the funds or Tet gifts for beneficiaries will be strictly punished.

There is a Vietnamese saying 'the good leaves protect the worn-out leaves', and therefore the Vietnamese people are ready to share the difficulties of the unfortunate members of society. Therefore, the resources raised for disadvantaged and policy beneficiary families on the occasion of Tet will be enormous. In addition, it is advisable to mobilise enterprises, organisations and benefactors at home and abroad to donate Tet gifts to disadvantaged members of society.

A new spring and New Year is approaching with various activities organised to care for the needy and policy beneficiary families, becoming a national tradition carried out continuously for many years. Such meaningful activities should be implemented more often to contribute to encouraging disadvantaged people to rise up and raise the trust of the people in the policies and guidelines of the Party and State.