Actively, promptly bring Party Resolutions into reality

Friday, 2016-03-25 12:08:39
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The 12th National Party Congress
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NDO - The 12th National Party Congress successfully wrapped up in late January with several congress documents adopted, affirming the Party’s stance and policy towards rapid and sustainable development in a new period. 

Documents approved by the congress are the convergence of intelligence, will and aspiration of the entire Party, people and the armed forces and a product of the 30-year renewal process, five-year implementation of the Platform on national construction in the transitional period towards socialism, the implementation of the socio-economic development strategy in the 2011-2020 period, and two-year implementation of the Constitution 2013.

The success of the 12th National Party Congress has encouraged Vietnamese people to unite and stand side by side with the Party to overcome challenges, seize opportunities and promote all resources to head for the socialist targets of a wealthy people, a powerful country and a civilised society.

To promptly bring the 12th Party Resolution into reality, the Politburo issued the Directive No.01-CT/TW on studying, dissemination and implementation of the Party Resolution.

The Directive pointed out goals and tasks for Party's Committees and Party organisations at all levels, requiring prompt and practical actions to effectively implement the Resolution which is of great importance to create a change in awareness, unity in action and promote the strength of the entire population.

All officials and Party members, particularly senior staff and heads of Party's Committees and agencies should raise their spirit and responsibilities in the process of implementing the Resolution.

In addition, Party Committees, organisations, agencies and units must quickly build and complete their specific action plans in accordance with the current context in order to effectively implement the six key tasks and urgent issues stated in the 12th Party Resolution including the 11th Party Resolution No.4 on Party building aligned with studying and following President Ho Chi Minh's moral example; building a strong political apparatus; renewing the leadership of the Party; promoting the struggle against corruption and wastefulness among others.

Studying and implementing the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress is the process to turn the will of the Party into the will of Party's Committees, Party organisations, agencies and each Party member. It is also the process to unite people from all walks of life to create and participate in emulation movements to soon realise Party's policies.

To successfully implement the 12th Party Congress Resolution, it is crucial to take care in Party building work to develop a strong and pure Party as well as to prevent the degradation of political ideology, morals and lifestyle.

Moreover, all-level Party's Committees and Party organisations must improve their leadership capacity, renew their operations and promote supervision over the implementation of the Resolution to make flexible adjustments, meeting new requirements.

The entire Party, people, armed forces and overseas Vietnamese community should promote patriotism, self-reliance, and national strength to effectively implement the Party Resolution, opening up a new period of development for the nation.