Winners of film contest about disaster prevention announced

Tuesday, 2018-05-22 16:26:17
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The first prize is presented to a representative of Khanh Hoa Radio and Television.
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NDO – The nine winners of the short reportage and film contest on the theme of “Extreme disaster events – Lessons of the past and future actions” were announced and honoured at an awards ceremony held in Hanoi on May 22.

The contest was launched for the first time in Vietnam by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the General Department of Disaster Prevention and Control under the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, on November 15, 2017.

Its aim is to raise awareness and enhance communication on the impacts of natural disasters, particularly extreme weather events, leading to working out proactive adaptation solutions. The contest also supported the realisation of targets set out in the Sendai Framework and Sustainable Development Goals, towards mitigating the damage caused by disasters.

The two winners of the second prize.

In the four months since its launch, the organising committee has received more than 78 entries from around the country, most of which reflected the serious impacts of natural calamities and the losses suffered by local people in areas prone to disasters, while recommending practical solutions for the Government and the community.

Accordingly, the first prize was awarded to the work “Do not joke with disasters”, produced by Khanh Hoa Radio and Television, while the second prize went to “Flash floods in Mu Cang Chai – causes of formation and some solutions” by Vietnam Television’s centre for weather forecasting and disaster warning, and “Story of a pond” by Nguyen Van Hoa from Soc Trang Radio and Television. In addition, three other works were presented with the third prize.

Addressing the event, Caitlin Wiesen, UNDP Resident Representative in Vietnam, stated that the awards ceremony for the short reportage and film contest recognised the important role played by media agencies in disseminating the necessary knowledge and skills for better disaster risk mitigation efforts.

All the prize winners.

Natural disasters in Vietnam have become a complex occurrence, with many extreme manifestations that go counter to the rules. Over the past two decades, Vietnam has recorded more than 400 fatalities and missing people as a consequence of such calamities. The economic loss has been estimated at approximately 1-1.5% of the annual gross domestic product. Therefore, it is an urgent need to take effective disaster prevention and control measures.

At the awards ceremony, participants engaged in a talk with experts on lessons of the past, future actions, and the role of the media in disaster management, prevention, and control.

Concluding the event, the organising committee announced a 2018 contest on the theme of “Mitigating the damage caused by disasters and proactively adapting to climate change starting from the community”.