Health Ministry issues action plan against influenza A(H7N9)

Saturday, 2017-02-25 17:55:51
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Washing hands with soap before eating is one of the ways to prevent the spread of influenza A(H7N9).
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NDO—The Ministry of Health has issued an action plan for the prevention and control of avian influenza A(H7N9), aiming to detect and handle cases of infection in a timely fashion to prevent the epidemic from spreading and to minimise the mortality rate caused by A(H7N9) virus.

Accordingly, the plan features four scenarios. In the first scenario (no cases of human infection), efforts will be made for the early detection and definite handling of cases with A(H7N9) virus entering Vietnam or appearing in the community in order to prevent it from spreading.

If human infection cases are detected with no person-to-person spread (the second scenario), pandemic outbreaks will be quarantined and treated in a timely and definite fashion to minimise the transmission from animals to humans.

If human infection cases are found with person-to-person spread on a small scale (the third scenario), timely quarantining will be carried out and definite measures will be taken to minimise the spread of the flu in the community.

In case of a pandemic breaking out in the community (the fourth scenario), the focus will be placed on minimising the impact of the pandemic on people’s lives.

The plan also points out a number of measures aiming to reduce the number of cases and the mortality rate, including strengthening the supervision of influenza A(H7N9); updating instructions for A(H7N9) flu supervision, prevention and control; and enhancing food hygiene and safety work.

At the same time, the health sector will also establish a network of hospitals willing to receive infection cases for treatment; provide training for the treatment and nursing staff of hospitals on the A(H7N9) flu diagnosis and treatment; proactively disseminate prevention and control measures in the community; and strengthen intersectoral collaboration to mobilise the participation of the entire society in the combat against influenza A(H7N9).