Physician – A noble profession of honour and responsibility

Monday, 2017-02-27 12:43:59
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Doctors at Quang Ninh Obstetrics and Children's Hospital carry out a surgery to cure a one-day-old baby with congenital diaphragmatic hernia. (Credit: NDO)
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NDO – Working in the medical sector is a noble profession, requiring high moral qualities and professional qualifications. Providing treatment to save lives is a great honour, but the responsibilities placed on physicians is also very heavy.

Nearly 500,000 health workers in the country quietly but devotedly dedicate their time each day to ensuring people's health, the happiness of all families and the survival of the nation. Countless generations of physicians have overcome difficulties, even sacrificed their own lives to fulfil that responsibility, making their names, careers, and nature shine forever in people’s hearts.

In the current context, due to negative impacts of the market economy, negative social influence has adversely damaged the professional ethics of some health workers. In some cases, a few individuals with poor behaviour who have extorted patients for their personal gains have caused harm to the reputation of physicians which has been built and nurtured by generations.

To protect the image of physicians, the health sector has implemented a series of specific solutions, including innovating mechanisms, facilitating medical facilities’ development and improving the quality of healthcare services, particularly innovating health workers’ working capacity and attitude towards patients’ satisfaction.

Medical staff must always keep in mind and strictly implement medical teachings from the previous generations and beloved Uncle Ho, while also regularly enhancing training and constantly improving their medical capacity and ethics. Medical ethics are recognised by the satisfaction of patients. The morals of each physician include their professional standing, conscience, responsibility and devotion to patients. Doctors and nurses not only help people to improve their health and overcome diseases, but also restore their faith in humanity and morality.

Besides efforts from the health sector and the personal endeavours of each physician, it is necessary to have empathy, support and the encouragement of people and the community to help medical staff overcome difficulties and enhance service quality to meet the satisfaction of the patients.