Spring of Love Festival receives nearly 300 units of blood

Monday, 2017-02-27 11:16:44
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A total of 265 units of blood was collected at the festival.
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NDO—Around 500 members of the Hanoi High School Students of 1991-1994 School Year Group joined a blood donation festival named Xuan yeu thuong (“Spring of Love”) on February 26 to contribute 265 units of blood to Hanoi’s National Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion.

In addition to the voluntary blood donation, the former Hanoi high school students also presented over 2,000 meals worth VND50 million to disadvantaged patients being treated at the institute.

According to the medical facility, which supplies blood for treatment to more than 150 hospitals in Hanoi and the northern provinces, as of February 23, the total amount of blood in store was only about 600 units. In many hospitals, the blood Group O, A, and AB suffer a serious shortage and doctors have to mobilise patients’ relatives to donate blood while awaiting contributions from volunteers.

Doctor Pham Tuan Duong, deputy director of the Hanoi-based institute, said that mobile blood donations with a large number of contributions started yesterday, so in the next few days the institute earnestly called on the community to join hands and take part in blood donations.

He added that as of the 23rd day of 2015’s last lunar month (i.e. February 1, 2016), the institute had reserved over 10,000 blood units for Lunar New Year Festival but the reserve had suffered rapid depletion due to the amount of blood used in emergency cases during the nine-day holiday increasing by 30% over the average, while there was almost no contribution of blood in the days before and after the New Year.

For that reason, blood donation under the “Spring of Love” Festival by the group of former Hanoian high school students brings great meaning for patients, especially in the months after Tet when blood reserves are very low, the doctor stressed.

According to Nguyen Duc Hiep, the representative of the group, the event is among one of the group’s volunteer programmes to share with and support their community. A lot of group members donate their blood for the first time, but they all share a common motto: “Contributing a drop of blood, helping preserve a life.”

A child patient present at the “Spring of Love” Festival to get the support of the Hanoi group.

Child patients are also invited to make the audience of a music programme held by the former high school student group.

Right after learning about the scarcity of blood at the institute after the New Year, the group launched the “Spring of Love” Festival, with many members registering to donate their blood.

A bit of nervousness, but when determined eligible to donate, a member of the group blindfolds his eyes as he donates 350cc of his blood.

Nguyen Duc Hiep, the group’s representative expresses his hope that the event will become an annual activity.

The total of 265 units of blood collected at the festival is not a large number, but it is a timely source of additional blood supplied to patients during a time of scarce blood reserves.

Thuy Nga – Dao Tuan – Ninh Nam