First private hospital successfully carries out liver transplant

Monday, 2017-05-08 17:30:43
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Mai Van Tuan recovers from his liver transplant at Vinmec Hospital, talking with Dr. Bui Duc Phu, Vinmec Hospital Director.
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NDO—Vinmec International Hospital, the first international general hospital in Vietnam modelled on the international-standard Hospital Facilities (Hospital - Hotel), has successfully implemented a liver transplant from a living donor.

According to information released by the hospital on May 8, this is the latest of 20 live liver transplants that have been successfully performed nationally since 2004.

With this success, Vinmec has become the first non-public hospital in Vietnam to implement and master the liver transplant technique, the most difficult technique in organ transplantation.

The liver transplant from a living donor was carried out on April 15 with duration of 13 hours on Mai Van Tuan, 46, from the northern province of Hai Duong. He was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis due to Hepatitis B virus and progressed to liver cancer since December 2013. The patient underwent a range of surgeries since then and was diagnosed with recurrent liver cancer in March 2017.

According to doctors’ assessment, the only hope to save the patient was a liver transplant. The donor is his brother-in-law.

The surgical staff consisted of doctors from Vinmec Hospital and experts from the Republic of Korea, led by Prof. Chong Woo Chu from Pusan National University, the world’s leading expert who has 16 years of experience in organ transplants and has successfully performed 370 transplants in the last seven years.

They took 60% of the donor’s liver, equivalent to 700 cm3, and transplanted it successfully to the recipient.

More than 20 days after the operation, liver function of the donor has been adapted to normal activities with decreased liver enzymes and improved bile secretion. He was discharged from the hospital with stable health.

The recipient’s health is also stable. Tuan began walking and rehabilitating process. His survival indicators are returning to the allowable limits. It is expected that the liver transplant recipient will be discharged in about a week.

Vinmec Hospital Director Dr. Bui Duc Phu, said that the liver transplant was a success as it ensured the life of the donor. His remaining liver is being regenerated and filled out. The recipient also began to adapt to the new liver’s part.

Thirteen years after the first liver transplant, so far the country has 20 liver transplants from living donors and 40 liver transplants from brain-dead ones.

Currently, the demand for organ transplants in Vietnam is very high and increasing rapidly, especially as the number of projected liver transplants has reached about 1,500. However, the number of transplants is very small, as there is no source of organs for transplants.

The success of Vinmec Hospital marks a significant development of Vietnamese hospitals in general and non-public hospitals in particular, opening up new hope and bringing in new choices for domestic patients. It is expected that the next two liver transplants will be performed by doctors in Vinmec Hospital in June.

Earlier, in early April, doctors at Vinmec Hospital also coordinated with the Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital staff to successfully carry out a liver transplant from a living donor, which was considered the most complex ever. The child patient was Duong Thi Phuong Mai from the central province of Thanh Hoa. The liver donor was Mai’s father.

Dr. Phu also revealed that Vinmec Hospital is developing procedures for organ transplants from brain-dead donors to expand into heart, lung and pancreas transplants in the near future. At the same time, it will invest in facilities to establish an international-standard transplantation center in the coming time.