PM approves US$4 million project aimed at preventing domestic violence

Tuesday, 2017-10-03 17:09:06
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Family counselors provide free advice on issues related to domestic violence. (Credit:
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NDO – The Prime Minister has approved investment for a project on policy, programme development and implementation to prevent and respond to gender-based violence, domestic violence and prostitution issues, funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) is the lead agency for implementing the UNFPA non-refundable project, with the aim of supporting the building, finalisation and deployment of policies, programmes and services related to preventing and responding to gender-based violence, domestic violence and prostitution issues based on evidence and access to human rights.

The main outcome of the project is based on a social study on behavioural changes, conducted as a basis for the development and revision of the Law on Gender Equality, the Law on Domestic Violence Prevention and Control and other related policies.

The project also aims to develop standards for the prevention and response to gender-based violence, in addition to deploying a system for collecting and reporting online information and data on gender-based violence and implementing several communication campaigns on policy advocacy and behaviour change, in addition to a number of models, with the participation of male farmers, in the prevention and response to gender-based violence.

Meanwhile, the project will boost the development of scientific evidence serving the construction of a draft bill on prostitution and activities in support of the development of the law, while facilitating capacity building and the implementation of policies on gender equality and the prevention and control of domestic violence and prostitution.

Capital provided to implement the project is worth over US$4 million, of which US$3.7 million is sourced from non-refundable ODA, with US$2.3 million available (accounting for 61.8%) and US$1.4 million being mobilised. The reciprocal capital from Vietnam’s side is worth VND4 billion in cash and VND5.5 billion in available technical infrastructure and management staff.

The Prime Minister has requested the MOLISA to review and ensure the implementation of the project with appropriate management mechanisms, while defining the responsibilities of the managing agencies, project owners and co-implementing agencies to ensure its progress and effectiveness.

The project will be implemented by the MOLISA in collaboration with agencies, under the Vietnam Farmers’ Union and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, during 2017-2021.