VFF president calls for popular movement against corruption

Monday, 2016-12-19 09:41:21
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Politburo member and VFF President Nguyen Thien Nhan speaks at the conference. (Credit: daidoanket.vn)
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NDO—The Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) and its member organisations should form a movement of the whole people against corruption, as the struggle against corruption and wastefulness cannot succeed without the participation of the people, President of the VFF Central Committee Nguyen Thien Nhan has said.

VFF President Nhan, who is also a Politburo member, made the suggestion during a conference in Hanoi on December 19 to review a 2016 cooperation programme between the VFF and other socio-political organisations in Vietnam.

Speaking at the meeting, Politburo member Nhan said that in 2016 the VFF and related organisations participating in the coordinating programme have made important contributions to the success of the election of deputies to the Fourteenth National Assembly and local People’s Councils at all levels for 2016-2021, as well as developing initiatives and coordinated action programmes to support people affected by saltwater intrusion, drought and mass seafood deaths.

He stated that 2017 would be a continuous year for the implementation of the Party and State's resolutions, requiring both drastic monitoring and social criticism in line with the fight against corruption.

The VFF president urged relevant agencies to continue to conduct propaganda about patriotism and national unity in 2017, focusing on converting patriotism and national unity into scientific and technological development and the “Vietnamese give priority to using Vietnamese goods” campaign, along with arousing creativity and accelerating movements against negativity and wastefulness.

In 2017, it is necessary to create a shift in people’s consciousness towards implementing the line and policies of the Party and State as well as the assessment of the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the people with the State apparatus, he stressed.

Politburo member Nhan also expressed his wish that the press and the people would actively participate in movements against corruption and wastefulness. The Front and its member organisations should coordinate with press agencies and citizens in deciding on specific objectives and regulations for the effective implementation of such movements in the near future, he added.

Also at the conference, the VFF signed a new cooperation agreement for 2017 with relevant socio-political organisations, aimed at addressing hot issues in society.

Accordingly, the VFF will coordinate with other bodies to implement joint campaigns, movements and resolutions between the Government and the Presidium of the VFF Central Committee on sustainable poverty reduction, the construction of new-style rural areas, urban civilisation and their own proposed programmes.

In addition, the agency will keep contact with relevant Vietnamese People’s Associations abroad to continue implementing people’s diplomacy programmes and activities aimed at Vietnamese communities abroad during the 2016-2019 period, while consolidating the organisation and operation of the VFF apparatus and socio-political organisations in disadvantaged areas.

Delegates witness the signing of a cooperation agreement between VFF and other relevant agencies for 2017. (Credit: daidoanket.vn)