‘Pomegranate’ cake adds colour and sweetness to Tet in HCMC

‘Pomegranate’ cake adds colour and sweetness to Tet in HCMC

Among many traditional cakes favoured by Ho Chi Minh City dwellers during the Tet (New Year) festival are pomegranate cakes, which are believed to bring good luck for the whole family, especially love. (Feb 17, 2019 10:28:05)


Hill Chicken in Tien Yen

  Jan 13, 2019 08:11:55
Tien Yen is a small town in Quang Ninh province. From Ha Long City, visitors can easily get there by driving 70km towards the North on National Highway 18. The trip might be long but the result is rewarding after all, because in Tien Yen they can find a wonderful speciality: Hill chicken! 

Banh Khot – A tasty crispy pancake in southern Vietnam

  Jan 06, 2019 13:51:01
'Banh khot', a popular dish in southern Vietnam, is a crispy pancake that just tastes amazing with fish sauce and fresh herbs. 

Have a bite of nostalgia with 'Chao suon'

  Dec 30, 2018 13:35:23
For many Vietnamese people ‘chao suon’, a bowl with simple ingredients such as porridge, pork ribs and salted shredded meat is their dish of choice. 

Rice paper salad – A popular street food in Vietnam

  Dec 23, 2018 14:39:14
‘Banh trang tron’ (rice paper salad), has recently become a popular street food for young people in big cities in Vietnam. 

Trang Bang dew-wetted rice paper honoured

  Dec 21, 2018 13:56:34
NDO – On December 20, a cultural and tourism week officially opened in Trang Bang district, the southern province of Tay Ninh, aiming to honour ‘banh trang’ (rice paper). 

Hoa Lu’s rare goat meat

  Dec 16, 2018 16:01:26
Thanks to its topography with large parts of the province consisting of mountainous areas, Ninh Binh is a wonderful place to breed goats and is famous for dishes made with goat meat. In Ninh Binh, goats are raised on rocky mountains instead of hills as in other provinces, therefore, the goat meat here is much more firm, fresh and delicious. 

Sour soup hotpot

  Dec 09, 2018 20:36:43
Originating from an indigenous sour soup made in style of a hotpot, “lau canh chua” (Sour soup hotpot) charms guests by its sour taste coming from tamarind, pineapple or vinegar, varying with seasons. 

'Banh mi chao': A Vietanmese dish that sizzles in a pan

  Dec 01, 2018 17:27:06
Banh mi chao (Bread with combo pan) is a Vietnamese-styled hot alternative to stuffed baguettes. 

Vietnam shows off “pho” and “nem ran” at ASEAN Culinary Festival

  Nov 30, 2018 11:21:58
NDO/VNA – Vietnam has joined nine other ASEAN countries to showcase its best traditional dishes at the ASEAN Culinary Festival 2018 which is currently underway at the COEX Convention Centre in Seoul, the Republic of Korea (RoK), from November 29 to December 1. 

Broken rice: The evolution of a classic Vietnamese dish

  Nov 25, 2018 14:17:25
Beginning as a popular comfort food option among the working class in the south, the dish has gradually found its way into Vietnam's culinary hall of fame. 

Delicious food for early-winter days in Hanoi

  Nov 19, 2018 16:57:12
NDO – During early-winter days with cool weather in the early morning and at nightfall in Hanoi, it is very interesting for both Hanoians and visitors to enjoy specific delicious food. 

Crab soup – A pride of Hai Phong people

  Nov 10, 2018 11:58:24
‘Banh da cua’, a dish featuring banh da (locally-made flat rice noodles), crab meat, pork broth and vegetables, is the pride of the people in the northern port city of Hai Phong, just as 'pho' is to Hanoians. 

‘Khau nhuc’ – A signature dish of Lang Son province

  Nov 04, 2018 11:50:28
NDO - ‘Khau nhuc’, a type of braised pork belly seasoned with several kinds of herbs, is one of the must-try dishes for gourmets visiting Vietnam’s northern province of Lang Son. 

Wood spider, a specialty food in the forests of south-central Vietnam

  Oct 14, 2018 15:09:29
During the rainy season people go into the forests of Binh Thuan Province in Vietnam's south-central coast to turn these black spiders with yellow stripes into a delicious dish.