Egg coffee – special drink in Hanoi

  Oct 08, 2016
Egg coffee - or 'ca phe trung' - is a blend of coffee and egg whites, folded with sugar, drunk hot or cold.  

Cau Mong Rare Beef

  Oct 02, 2016
Driving along the 1A National Road will finally lead you to Cam Mong, a small village in Dien Ban district. This small village, though seemed to be uninteresting at first, is a great addition to your trip to Da Nang as you can find there a wonderful speciality called Bo Tai Cau Mong (Cau Mong Rare Beed)  

Peanut brittle - A traditional candy of Vietnam

  Sep 17, 2016
Peanut brittle is a traditional candy made from roasted peanut, sugar and malt.  

Banh Tai (Ear Cake)

  Sep 11, 2016
In the past, the people in Phu Tho referred to Banh tai (Ear Cake) as Hon Cake, a tasty food that is served every day.  

Vietnam joins Asian culinary festival in Czech Republic

  Sep 11, 2016
NDO - Vietnam participated in the second Asian Culinary Festival that was held in Czech Republic’s capital of Praha on September 10, attracting thousands of Czech people and visitors. 

Board set up to canvass for cuisine promotion association

  Sep 09, 2016
NDO/VNA – The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on September 9 launched a board to canvass for the establishment of the Vietnam Cultural and Cuisine Association with the goal of promoting Vietnamese food culture to the world.  

Nom Bo Kho ( Dried beef salad)

  Aug 28, 2016
“Nom bo kho” is so popular in Vietnam that it has gradually become a familiar snack of street foods family and showed up frequently in Vietnamese weeding parties and death anniversaries.  

RoK food fair to convene in Ho Chi Minh City

  Aug 24, 2016
NDO/VNA – The Republic of Korea will introduce its traditional foods at the 2016 K-Food fair to be held in Ho Chi Minh City from September 8-11, heard a press briefing on August 24.  

Banh Ran (Vietnamese donut)

  Aug 20, 2016
‘Banh ran’ is a delicious finger food for breakfast in Vietnam. There are two main kinds of banh ran, namely salty cake and sweet one with the latter being much more common than the former.  

Ho Chi Minh City among world’s best cities for street food

  Aug 16, 2016
NDO/VNA - Ho Chi Minh City has been listed by CNN as one of the world’s 23 best street food destinations. 

“Pau Po Cu” Corn Cake

  Aug 14, 2016
The special “Pau Po Cu” Corn Cake is usually made in the 4th month and the 5th month of a year (according to the Lunar Calendar) in Lao Cai province.  

Grilled shrimp paste on sugar cane - a delicious dish of Hue

  Aug 06, 2016
Grilled shrimp paste on sugar cane was originally created by the ingenious cooks for the imperial kitchen in Hue. 

Vietnamese dishes listed in top 100 famous food and beverages

  Aug 04, 2016
NDO – The World Records Union (Worldkings) has announced the list of top 100 famous food and beverages from countries all over the world, including ‘pho’ (noodles served with beef or chicken), ‘bun cha’ (rice noodles served with grilled pork) and ‘banh mi’ (Vietnamese sandwich). 

Grilled sharpbelly - A specialty of Phu Yen province

  Jul 31, 2016
As simple as the dish is but grilled sharpbelly is a very famous dish in the land of Phu Yen where visitors can hardly ignore.