‘Propulsive force’ from Vietjet flights

Friday, 2017-05-12 09:09:40
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Vietjet Air's airplane at Cat Bi International Airport in Hai Phong
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NDO – Routes to and from Hai Phong launched by various airlines, particularly Vietjet Air, not only help people in the northern port city to access and enjoy modern transport services but also promote trade connectivity and tourism development, significantly contributing to boosting the local economy.

Unprecedented eventfulness

Located in the centre of the northern coastal region, Hai Phong has a long history as well as is home to breath-taking landscapes, including Cat Ba Archipelago which is included in the expansion of Ha Long Bay to seek UNESCO recognition as a world natural heritage site. The provincial People’s Committee is preparing the dossier to renominate extended Ha Long Bay for submission to UNESCO. Ha Long has been recognised twice by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its universal values of landscape, geology and geomorphology, in 1994 and 2000.

In addition, Hai Phong is home to numerous industrial centres, seaports and trade centres. Currently, many large domestic corporations, including Vin Group, Sun Group, Him Lam, FLC and Sovico, are implementing their large-scale real estate projects, resorts and amusement parks worth trillions of Vietnamese dong on the islands of Vu Yen, Cat Ba and Do Son.

In the near future, thanks to the increasing number of "big" projects, Hai Phong will soon become the largest economic, cultural and entertainment centres in the north, attracting a large number of both domestic and foreign tourists and investors, bringing a whole new look to the port city.

In terms of tourism development, the port city’s leaders said that the leadership has paid much attention to the development of air routes. Cat Bi International Airport was inaugurated and put into effective operation in 2016, helping Hai Phong advance to the 2nd position (following Hanoi) among cities in the north having large airports with transport capacity of 800 passengers per peak hour and 20,000 tonnes of cargo per year.

‘Propulsive force’ from Vietjet flights

Welcoming early development trends and the economic potential of Hai Phong, Vietjet has considered the city as a key market and continuously increased the frequency of flights to and from Haiphong, meeting the maximum travel demand as well as receiving enthusiastic support from the public.

After more than five years of operating flights to and from Hai Phong with seven domestic and two international routes (to the Republic of Korea and Thailand), Vietjet has carried nearly three million passengers on nine routes as of April 30. According to preliminary statistics of the aviation sector, the domestic market shares of Vietjet Air in Hai Phong reached over 70%, meaning that out of ten passengers traveling by airplane, seven fly with Vietjet Air. Every day, Vietjet has 30 flights to and from Hai Phong, transporting 100,000 passengers per month.

Vietjet is also the first airline operating international flights to and from Hai Phong with reasonable and promotional fares and favourable flight times, helping people in the Northern Coastal region, particularly Hai Phong city, travel by air both easily and conveniently, contributing to promoting the local economy and supporting tourism development.

As a result, tourism in addition to trade and service industries in Hai Phong in particular and the northern coastal region in regular have strongly developed. The city’s tourism sector is confident to set a target of welcoming 6.7 million visitors in 2017. The sector’s preliminary report shows that this target is feasible as over 1.3 million tourists visited Hai Phong in the first quarter of this year.

Notably, in addition to fulfilling the mission of a carrier to provide more opportunities for people to travel by air, Vietjet has accompanied and raised its responsibility in promoting the local economy since signing a cooperation agreement on tourism development with Hai Phong in 2016.

Accordingly, in addition to nine existing routes, Vietjet has commited to opening several more domestic and international routes to and from Hai Phong as well as coordinate with the city to promote the locality’s tourism on the airline’s flights, publications and branches both in the country and abroad. This will be a great chance for Hai Phong tourism to approach both local people and foreigners.

With ‘Propulsive force’ thanks to Vietjet flights, Hai Phong has numerous opportunities to develop its economy and tourism in accordance with Vietjet’s commitments to the port city: “companion, connectivity, cooperation, development and together we fly to the future’.