OCOP – Solution for clean agriculture

Monday, 2020-11-23 16:04:25
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Business introduces products at OCOP 2019.
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NDO – As one of the places to provide food and agricultural products with "clean standards" a guarantee from the authorities, the annual OCOP ('One Commune, One Product' programme) fair has become a familiar meeting place for both clean and green farmers and consumers.

In early November, the Hanoi Agriculture Fair 2020 – a fair to promote agricultural trade and OCOP products of Hanoi at the Aeon Mall Long Bien Trading Centre in Hanoi, featured nearly 100 booths from 26 provinces and cities nationwide, introducing thousands of agricultural products. This is an annual activity organised by the Hanoi Promotion Agency (HPA), and this was the second time the fair took place in the Aeon Long Bien Trading Centre, one of the main distributors in the region.

According to Nguyen Gia Phuong, Director of the Hanoi Promotion Agency (HPA), all products on display at the fair were organic agricultural products, high-tech agricultural products, safe agricultural products and regional specialties of Hanoi and other provinces and cities, with quality assurance. The booths and all products participating in the fair were checked and met all standards and regulations from quality to packaging, even in regard to the specifications of the booth and a professional style of salesmanship. The units, businesses and suppliers participating in the fair every year must register and select from the local Department of Industry and Trade, so there is absolutely a guarantee of prestige and quality.

The annual even always attracts thousands of visitors and consumers. According to Nguyen Ba Bang, Head of the HPA’s Department of Agriculture, the number of units, manufacturers and suppliers registered to participate in each fair has been higher than the previous year. Specifically, the fair in 2020 featured the participation of more than 100 booths. Many businesses and suppliers who participated in the fair in previous years also registered to introduce their products at this year's fair.

A booth introducing products processed from clean agricultural products at OCOP 2019.

In 2019, during the four days of its organisation, the fair had a turnover of more than VND6 billion. A lot of visitors, domestic and foreign businesses have participated in shopping at the fair. Tu Tam Clean Food Company, one of the enterprises who has participated in the fair many times, said the number of goods sold at the fair in Aeon Mall has increased by more than 300% compared to trade fairs and promotional programmes in other places. Another quite famous producer, Chin Mam, also said that at the 2019 Trade Promotion Fair in Aeon Mall Long Bien, its presence was highly effective in terms of revenue, and from this year’s fair, Chin Mam has become one of the leading brands in Aeon Mall's high standard food supply chain.

Through the fair, businesses and production facilities not only wish to promote their products to consumers in the capital, but also want to gain access to the modern distribution system of the Aeon Group Vietnam in particular and the global Aeon system in general. The twenty most capable businesses were selected to connect directly with the Aeon Group.

The participation in the Aeon distribution system is the desire of many enterprises practicing clean agriculture and producing clean food. This is also an important goal when businesses register to participate in the fair. When the fair closes, many manufacturers had rasied output, signed with big distributors, while many distributors found reliable partners.

Another special feature at the fair, manufacturers and suppliers also have access to many useful information sources related to the demands of customers, standards and regulations, as well as the demands of distributors. They also have access to agricultural materials companies, learn from experiences about advanced farming techniques, modern technologies, sustainable agricultural development solutions, and environmentally-friendly practices.

Nguyen Mai Anh, Deputy Director of the HPA, said that with synchronous solutions from production to consumption, the HPA wants to support businesses and agricultural producers to gradually change their production methods and cultivation techniques towards greater safety, quality, scale and method. At the same time, the HPA also wants to create opportunities to access and improve skills in the promotion and connection of product consumption through a modern retail system in order to provide further strategic direction for future development.