Vietnam imposes anti-dumping taxes on packaging materials

Thursday, 2020-07-23 11:13:36
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Anti-dumping tariffs of between 9.05% and 23.71% will be levied on BOPP films.
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NDO - Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has formally decided to impose anti-dumping measures on packaging materials imported from China, Thailand and Malaysia.

Under the decision, punitive tariffs of between 9.05% and 23.71% will be levied on materials known as BOPP films, which are widely used in the food packaging industry.

The official duty is lower than the previously imposed preliminary tax as Vietnamese authorities have weighed the interests of local manufacturers, consumers and downstream industries that use BOPP.

The MOIT also excluded a number of BOPP film products from the scope of the anti-dumping measures as Vietnamese companies have yet not been able to manufacture such products.

An investigation was launched in August 2019 following a complaint by domestic manufacturers and temporary anti-dumping tariffs were imposed in March of this year.

The investigation results show that Vietnamese BOPP manufacturers have been hit hard by the dumping of foreign products as seen in the sharp fall in sales volume, revenue, profit, market share and output.

The anti-dumping duty will be effective for five years and the parties concerned can ask the MOIT to review the situation and the tariff levels annually.