Nurturing the love for heritage among children

Nurturing the love for heritage among children

NDO - Summer holiday offers a great opportunity for museums to host a hive of heritage education activities, which are designed to nurture the love for heritage among people, particularly schoolchildren. (6 hours ago)


Book on Party Chief and President Nguyen Phu Trong makes debut

  Jun 21, 2019 11:53:21
NDO - The Nhan Dan (People) Newspaper and the Su That (Truth) National Political Publishing House held a ceremony in Hanoi on June 20 to introduce a new book featuring public sentiments towards Party General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong. 

Pyrotechnists from England and China ready to light up Da Nang sky

  Jun 20, 2019 17:36:10
NDO - Pyrotechnists from England and China are ready to light up Da Nang sky at the 2019 Da Nang International Fireworks Festival on the night of June 22. 

Ancient treasures tell nation’s history and development

  Jun 20, 2019 16:50:46
NDO – A special exhibition featuring national names and the capital cities, along with the associated ancient artefacts during Vietnam’s establishment and development, is open to the public, providing historical documents and material evidence showing the aspirations and will of Vietnamese predecessors for national independence and pride along Vietnam’s 4,000 years of history. 

Outstanding artisans in intangible culture field honoured

  Jun 19, 2019 18:16:25
NDO – Vinh Long province Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism organised a ceremony on June 19 to honour Meritorious Artisans in the field of intangible cultural heritage and announce the decision on recognising two national treasures. 

Exhibition unveils artifacts found in ancient shipwrecks along the coast of Vietnam

  Jun 19, 2019 17:36:32
NDO – Nearly 4,000 artifacts found in nine ancient shipwrecks along the coast of Vietnam from Quang Nam to Ca Mau provinces are being displayed for the public at an exhibition that opened in Quang Ngai province on June 19. 

Contemporary dance by talented Vietnamese French choreographer to take stage in Hanoi

  Jun 19, 2019 17:32:45
NDO – ‘Vong Lap’ (Loop), a contemporary dance by talented Vietnamese French choreographer Xuan Le will be featured on the stage of the Youth Theatre in Hanoi on April 30. 

International conference discusses the heritage value of Ly Son – Sa Huynh Geopark

  Jun 19, 2019 15:50:30
NDO – The heritage value of Ly Son – Sa Huynh geopark was spotlighted at an international conference held in Quang Ngai province on June 18. 

Press photo exhibition reflects nation’s outstanding events

  Jun 18, 2019 11:34:04
NDO – Nearly 100 press photos that reflect the country’s outstanding events over the past two years are being showcased at an exhibition from June 17-22 at the Exhibition House in Hang Bai street, Hanoi. 

Vietnamese artist’s work on display at Chateau La Coste

  Jun 16, 2019 16:38:30
NDO/VNA – Popular artist Tia Thuy Nguyen has become the first Vietnamese artist to display artwork at Chateau La Coste, France. 

Beauty of the lotus featured through contemporary paintings

  Jun 16, 2019 10:11:15
NDO – The beauty of the lotus is vividly depicted through more than 50 contemporary paintings which are on display at P.I Gallery in Hanoi from June 15 to 23. 

Vietnamese culture promoted at international fair in Mexico

  Jun 15, 2019 17:26:34
NDO – Vietnamese culture has impressed international friends at the 2019 International Friendly Cultures Fair, which is taking place in Mexico from May 31 to June 16. 

Assc. Prof., Dr. Dinh Hong Hai: Tradition-based creations require profound understanding

  Jun 15, 2019 16:59:37
NDO – Over recent years, more and more tradition-based projects and initiatives have been launched by the youth, which have attracted great interest from the society. While acknowledging the positive effects of the projects in encouraging the love for national culture among the public, Associate Professor, Doctor Dinh Hong Hai, a lecturer from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, stressed that every tradition-based creation can only set its value if it is developed with profound understanding of culture. 

Da Nang hosts summer programme to lure more visitors to the city

  Jun 15, 2019 12:41:19
NDO – The ‘Da Nang – Summer Destination’ programme 2019 kicked off in Da Nang city on June 14 with a bikini flashmob, which featured lively and exciting dances by hundreds of models and artists. 

Thanh Hoa people joyfully celebrate traditional cake making festival

  Jun 14, 2019 17:35:07
NDO – Local people in Sam Son city, Thanh Hoa province joyfully celebrated their traditional festival of making ‘banh chung’ (square glutinous rice cake) and ‘banh giay’ (round glutinous rice cake) on June 14.