New innovations in “industrial heritage”

New innovations in “industrial heritage”

NDO – The development of public and creative spaces on the basis of “industrial heritage” can achieve the “dual goal” of reducing air pollution and making urban appearance more beautiful. (Jan 13, 2021 15:01:20)


Hanoi honours artisans and heritage workers

  Nov 23, 2020 09:49:20
NDO – The Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports held a get-together on November 22 with artisans and heritage workers from across the city on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Vietnam Culture Heritage Day (November 23, 2005-2020) 

Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day marked nationwide

  Nov 21, 2020 18:17:13
NDO – The first-ever Da Nang Cultural Heritage Festival opened at the Da Nang Museum on November 21 as part of the nationwide celebrations for the 15th anniversary of Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day (November 23, 2005-2020). 

Vietnam’s iconic One Pillar Pagoda reconstructed using virtual reality technology

  Nov 20, 2020 09:54:32
NDO – Virtual reality (VR) technology has helped roll back 800 years to bring the famous One Pillar Pagoda – one of Vietnam's most iconic temples – to today’s audiences in a most vivid state. 

Google Doodle honours Vietnam’s ‘cai luong’ art

  Sep 28, 2020 15:57:10
NDO – Google, the world’s most popular search engine, has honoured Vietnam’s ‘cai luong’ (reformed theatre) art by posting a doodle on its homepage on September 28. 

Associate Professor, Dr. Tong Trung Tin: conservation of archaeological heritages seems simple but extremely difficult

  Sep 27, 2020 15:31:59
NDO – Making great efforts to propose measures to protect archaeological sites around the country, Associate Professor, Dr. Tong Trung Tin, who is also President of the Vietnam Archeology Association, said that the full examination of the current law provisions is enough to protect many invaluable archaeological sites across the country, such that Thang Long Imperial Citadel is not the only fortunate relic. 

Stamps featuring ancient Oc Eo Culture issued

  Aug 25, 2020 16:47:57
NDO/VNA – A collection of stamps showcasing the objects of Oc Eo Culture that were recognised as national treasures has been issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications in co-ordination with the People's Committee of the southern province of An Giang. 

Red Dao ethnic women promote their traditional weaving craft in Dak Nong

  Aug 25, 2020 13:08:17
NDO – As immigrants from the northern mountainous areas, many Red Dao ethnic women have promoted their traditional weaving craft in their host locality in Krong No District, Dak Nong Province. 

Exhibition featuring old villages held in Hanoi

  Aug 18, 2020 09:32:17
NDO/VNA – An exhibition featuring the architecture of traditional Vietnamese villages is taking place in Hanoi. 

Consolidating solidarity through the circle of Xoe dance

  Aug 12, 2020 09:50:05
NDO – Xoe dance is not only the pride of the Thai ethnic people but it is also a unique cultural feature in the repertoires of folk dances of ethnic minority groups in the northern province of Dien Bien and the northwest region in general. 

The craft of linen weaving of the H’mong people in Lung Tam

  Jul 20, 2020 17:18:32
NDO – Located in Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province, Lung Tam is a small valley surrounded by rocky mountains, with the Mien river flowing through. This is a land where the H'mong people have lived for generations and established their fame with the craft of line weaving, indigo dye, and beeswax drawing, creating many unique brocade products. 

Heritage of Vietnamese historians collected and promoted

  Jul 20, 2020 11:33:59
NDO – A seminar on collecting and promoting the heritage of Vietnamese historians and a ceremony to receive documents and exhibits of Professor and People’s Teacher Vu Duong Ninh were held by the Centre for Heritage of Vietnamese Scientists and Scholars in the northern province of Hoa Binh on July 19. 

Seminar seeks to promote values of Vietnamese ao dai

  Jun 27, 2020 12:51:15
NDO – A seminar was held in Hanoi on June 26, discussing measures to protect and promote the cultural values of ao dai (Vietnamese traditional long dress). 

Programme revitalises the charm of folk art genres

  Jun 24, 2020 16:32:04
NDO – Through performances of the ancient tunes of Then folk singing and the reproduction of an incarnation of the ‘len dong’ mediumship ritual, artisans and folklore cultural researchers introduced unique artistic value of the traditional art genres to young people at a recent show held in Hanoi in early June.  

Promoting the value of Duong Lam ancient village

  Jun 16, 2020 14:08:15
NDO – Duong Lam ancient town in Hanoi’s outskirt town of Son Tay is not only known as the hometown of many historical figures but also a National Cultural and Historical Relic. However, it is not easy to preserve and uphold the value of a “living museum” in these modern times.