Year of Pig’s first full-moon day celebrated in Binh Duong province

Wednesday, 2019-02-20 12:46:45
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Streets in Thu Dau Mot was packed with people attending a festival to mark the first full-moon day of the lunar new year. (Photo: NDO/Trinh Binh)
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NDO - Tens of thousands of local residents and visitors flocked to the streets of Thu Dau Mot, the capital city of Binh Duong province, to celebrate the first full-moon day in the year of the pig on February 19.

The annual festival, taking place from the 12th day to the 15th day of the first lunar month at the Lady Temple, where visitors crowed the site from the early morning to attend a procession and offer incense to pray for peace of mind and fortune.

By 4:00 in the afternoon, the streets around the temple such as Yersin, Thich Quang Duc and Cach Mang Thang Tam were already packed with people.

Stalls had been put up along these streets to distribute free rice, bread, water and towels to visitors attending the festival, said Thu Dau Mot Vice Chairwoman Nguyen Thu Cuc.

There were also teams located on the city’s major streets to show visitors the direction to the temple.

* In Kien Giang province, thousands of lanterns were sent floating on Dong Ho Lake in the city of Ha Tien on the 14th and 15th nights of the first lunar month to celebrate the first full-moon day in the year of the pig.

A festival was also held to commemorate Tao Dan Chieu Anh Cac, a group aimed at gathering talented people established in 1736 by Tran Tri Khai and chaired by Mac Thien Tich, a governor of Ha Tien.

On this occasion, a memorial house dedicated to the group was inaugurated near the tombs of the Mac clan, who were credited with developing the land of Ha Tien in the past.

The memorial house to the Tao Dan Chieu Anh Cac group (Photo: NDO/Viet Tien)