Special art programme held to celebrate Party Congress

Tuesday, 2021-01-26 11:28:00
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People's Artist Ta Minh Tam and a dance group perform the song “The Party Flag”. (Photo: DUNG PHUONG)
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NDO – A special art programme entitled “Proud of the Communist Party of Vietnam” was held by the Ho Chi Minh City’s Organising Board for Major Holidays in the city on January 25 to celebrate the 13th National Party Congress.

The programme represents the congratulatory message from the Party Committee, the authorities and the people of Ho Chi Minh City to the Party Congress.

The event includes three parts comprising of 16 performances praising the patriotism, the Party and President Ho Chi Minh. Performances at the event also affirmed the sound leadership of the Party since its foundation and the trust of the people in the prosperity of the Party and the nation.

The first part, entitled “The Sun in the Heart”, expressed the pride and gratitude to President Ho Chi Minh and the confidence in the Party from its establishment until today and into the future.

Entitled “Proud of Vietnam”, performances in the second part of the programme highlighted great strides and positive changes of the nation and Ho Chi Minh City thanks to the sound guidelines and policies of the Party and State.

The third part of the programme, themed “Forever trust in the Party”, affirmed the people’s trust in the leadership of the Party and the management of the State and governments at all levels.

A selection of famous singers and bands performed at the event, including Ta Minh Tam, Van Khanh, Thanh Su, Vo Ha Tram, Duc Tuan, Hien Thuc, Duong Quoc Hung and others.