Seminar seeks to preserve purity of Vietnamese language

Saturday, 2016-11-05 17:36:22
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Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam speaking at the seminar (Credit: VOV)
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NDO—A national scientific seminar themed “Preserving the Purity of Vietnamese Language in the Mass Media” was held in Hanoi on November 5 in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam.

At the seminar, the Deputy PM emphasised that the Vietnamese people were proud of the history of the country’s formation and survival, as well as the national civilisation, of which the Vietnamese language is an important component.

Literary works, scientific statements and reports and the State’s legal documents had shown the high level of the development of the Vietnamese language, Deputy PM Dam added.

He also affirmed that the preservation of the purity of Vietnamese language was the responsibility of each Vietnamese citizen, particularly journalists, teachers and writers.

In the course of the development of the Vietnamese language, it is essential to eliminate impurities while absorbing the achievements of human civilisation and borrowing many words from foreign languages, noted Deputy PM Dam.

He asked journalists and writers to continue to hone their writing skills to make their articles and sentences clear.

With more than 230 presentations submitted to the seminar, scientists expressed their assessments and views on preserving the purity of the Vietnamese language in the mass media.

They focused on discussing three major themes, including language and mass media, the contributions of the media to the development of language; and managing Vietnamese to preserve its purity when used in the mass media.