The return

The return

John wheezed. With great difficulty, he sat up. As spring approached, his health seemed to improve, slowly. Whenever he managed to sit straight, John took the opportunity to look out of the window and feel the cool breeze blowing in from the great prairie outside. (Oct 20, 2019 10:53:41)


As December came

  Jul 07, 2019 14:54:41
The stately sunlight of winter only came at noon. It beamed on the rustling Nepalese alder trees. It shone on the hedges and skirts of girls and gently stroked the rice falling here and there on the desiccated terraces which only yielded crops once a year. 

In pursuit of sunshine

  Jun 23, 2019 11:30:46
My house was situated on the hillside, overlooking the Ma River. 

The soul of the 'pieu' scarf

  Jun 02, 2019 13:02:42
Every night, rain or shine, Sua went out to a gigantic block of stone under the coffee plum tree next to the Su Sung stream to fish and sleep. Yet for two days straight, he hadn’t shown up. Did Sua leave for another stream with more fish? Or was he bored with fishing? Sua’s fishing buddies had been asking each other such questions on their night shifts. 

Waning Moon

  May 12, 2019 16:24:08
The night before Hoai was thinking about getting a divorce, she was dreaming a queer dream. An image of a baby formed in her womb. But all her doubts had also grown bigger in that befuddled dream. 


  Mar 31, 2019 13:58:58
A photograph. A bottle of medicine capsules. A tourist bag, Samsonite brand. A shirt and a trousers hanging in the sideboard. 

That rainy night

  Mar 17, 2019 16:20:25
9:30 pm. The street, strewn with rustling dry yellow leaves coming down from the trees, was ready for a strong wind after this breeze in the small township of Phu Sa. 

For beauty's sake

  Mar 10, 2019 09:45:31
While the masseuse’s deft hands caressed Duyen’s hair and face she, with her half-closed eyes, felt very comfortable thanks to the fragrant cosmetic products on them. 

The spells of spate

  Feb 17, 2019 10:23:15
“Mum…Mum, get up…get up! The flood is over,” urged Mrs Nghiep’s son. “Now I’m back here with you.” 

The Man Who Stood On One Leg

  Jan 27, 2019 16:57:43
His name was Ananda, and Ananda means satisfaction and bliss. 

Two crabs

  Jan 19, 2019 11:33:57
Mrs Nam felt her son Teo’s forehead. It was still red hot. Her little son had been in a light coma since early morning. He cried without opening his eyes. His face was crimson, his lips dry. He was breathing heavy and quick.  

A snake crept inside

  Jan 06, 2019 13:50:17
“Last night, a snake crept onto Lam’s bed,” someone started. “Oh my god. She felt something slippery, threw off her blanket, then jumped up and down. She was very lucky. If that snake had bitten her, we would have been at her funeral today.” 


  Dec 30, 2018 13:29:18
The stormy season came late this year. Not until the 7th lunar month did the news incessantly broadcast forecasts about the first storm of the year heading in from the East Sea. 

Little Dung

  Dec 23, 2018 14:37:02
Little Dung was very slim with a small face. Her big black eyes appeared bright. Each time Mum caught a glimpse of that brightness, she whispered into my ears, "It seems to me that your daddy’s staring at me." 

The Tiger-Man

  Dec 16, 2018 16:11:14
Although the fast-food restaurant owned by Thanh was located in the outskirts of a German town, customers crowded in for lunch in great numbers as there were many offices, factories and small workshops nearby. To serve them more comfortably, one day the owner had to hire an assistant to cook and deliver food.