Jobs created for 80,000 workers in two months

Thursday, 2020-07-09 17:43:57
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Speakers participating in a talk show to provide helpful professional knowledge and skills and positive messages for employees.
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NDO – After two-month implementation of the ‘Viec lam trao tay – Danh bay Covid-19’ project on creating jobs for workers to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, 500,000 job opportunities were offered by 50,000 enterprises, helping approximately 80,000 workers to find new jobs amid the pandemic.

The project is among activities of the programme entitled ‘Enterprises join hands to combat COVID-19 pandemic for a healthy Vietnam’.

The programme was launched online on April 7, 2020, by the Organising Board for the Building of Vietnamese Business Culture, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Voice of Vietnam, the Vietnam Journalists’ Association, and the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee, among others.

Duong Thi Tuyet Trinh, director of the Customer Division under Sieu Viet Group and the initiator and organiser of the ‘Viec lam trao tay – Danh bay Covid-19’ project, said that the project is expected to connect workers with enterprises in order to create appropriate job opportunities despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The initial goal of the project was to attract the participation of 10,000 enterprises to generate 200,000 job opportunities for workers.

After two months, the project achieved results far beyond the original goal set by the organiser. Approximately 500,000 job opportunities were offered on four recruitment websites run by Sieu Viet Group, helping 80,000 workers to find new jobs amid the unemployment caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The project also promoted communication on popular social networks to disseminate information on job opportunities to workers, particularly to young people. Communication activities through social networks attracted more than 290 million views.

The project also offered 200 free online training courses based on the online learning platform Edumall, covering various topics including information technology, personal development, foreign languages, start-up business, and others.

When the coronavirus pandemic was gradually put under control in May 2020 and the country entered a “new normal period”, the demand for employment increased. However, many workers still faced unemployment or were unable to find suitable jobs and had to find ways to adapt to new requirements from employers.

As a bridge between employees and enterprises, Sieu Viet Group continued to initiate and organise a chain of online talk shows entitled “Defeating unemployment” in a bid to provide helpful professional knowledge and skills and positive messages for employees.

The shows saw the participation of more than 20 guest speakers, including experts in the area of personnel and CEOs of several large corporations and companies in various fields.

Together, they spent over 450 minutes on talks to provide a panoramic view of the labour market in the post pandemic period. In addition, they also shared the needs of employers, gave necessary advice and forecasts as well as answered questions of employees.

A series of five talk shows attracted 100,000 followers and more than 20,000 direct interactions with the livestream videos.

After over two months of operation, the project on job creation officially concluded on June 30, but the organiser and accompanying partners will continue to act as a bridge connecting employers with candidates.

*The first six months of 2020 saw:

· 30.8 million people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, including people who lost their jobs, are in temporary unemployment, have reduced working hours, suffered declining incomes, and others.

· 565,000 people applied for unemployment benefits, up 32% over the same period in 2019.

· 17.6 million people suffered decreases in their incomes.

· 7.8 million workers lost their jobs or alternatively stayed off work.

· 1.5 million lost their jobs, including nearly 900,000 workers who lost jobs due to downsizing and bankruptcy of business establishments.

(Source: The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs).