Co-founder of Manzi Art Space, Vu Ngoc Tram: Joining hands to develop Vietnam’s fine art market

Co-founder of Manzi Art Space, Vu Ngoc Tram: Joining hands to develop Vietnam’s fine art market

NDO - More than 2,000 artworks have been sold over the past five years under the ‘Art for You’ programme, which is co-organised by the Manzi Art Space and art studio Work Room Four. As co-founder of the Manzi Art Space, Vu Ngoc Tram said that she hoped that the annual event will contribute to developing Vietnam’s fine art market. (May 22, 2019 19:18:55)


Director Tuan Le: Vietnamese culture is a vast repertoire for the arts

  Mar 18, 2019 08:29:38
NDO – Tuan Le is renowned for his role as the creative director of A O Show, Lang Toi (My Village) and Teh Dar, some of the most-anticipated theatrical shows spotlighting Vietnamese culture. 

Military-captain-turned-teacher Tran Binh Phuc: I am just doing a normal job

  Mar 07, 2019 09:44:41
NDO – Born in 1972 in Tra Vinh province, military captain in Tran Binh Phuc has had a decade working as a teacher for children in Hon Chuoi island, helping them learn how to read and write and acquire knowledge. 

Dr Dao Le Na: We are happy to be part of the joint efforts to make ‘cai luong’ thrive again

  Feb 17, 2019 15:33:03
NDO - The YUME Art Project recently launched a programme entitled ‘Tiep Buoc Tram Nam (Follow in the Century-Old Tradition) in Ho Chi Minh City with the aim to bring cai luong (reformed theatre) closer to the youth. Nhan Dan (People) Weekly Newspaper spoke with Dr Dao Le Na, a lecturer from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities, and co-founder of YUME, to explore more about the programme. 

Researcher Nguyen Hung Vy: Tet places eternal value in Vietnamese people’s spiritual life

  Feb 05, 2019 09:53:19
NDO – On the first day of the lunar New Year (Tet) 2019 – the Year of the Pig, Nhan Dan Weekly Newspaper held a talk with folklore cultural researcher Nguyen Hung Vy, who during his talk reiterated the true eternal value of Tet in Vietnamese people’s spiritual life. 

Party and people's will combines for common strength to boost country’s development path

  Feb 05, 2019 07:45:48
NDO – On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, Party General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong granted Nhan Dan Newspaper an interview, in which he sent his new political determination to the whole people and army, urging for strengthened unity to boost innovation for rapid and sustainable national development. 

Vietnamese enterprises urged to be more proactive to utilise CPTPP

  Jan 25, 2019 17:13:41
NDO – Master Phung Thi Lan Phuong, Head of the Free Trade Agreement Office under the WTO and Integration Centre, under the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), spoke to Nhan Dan Online about the measures to help Vietnamese businesses take advantage of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), which officially came into effect in Vietnam from January 14. 

Arts collector Thu Hoa: We are proud to reconnect an interruption of once-famous Kim Hoang paintings

  Jan 12, 2019 12:11:27
NDO – As Tet (lunar New Year) festival is approaching, those who love traditional values can easily enjoy bright-coloured Kim Hoang folk paintings and lively applications of the traditional genre of painting in contemporary life. Arts collector Nguyen Thi Thu Hoa, who is running a project on preserving Kim Hoang paintings, granted an interview with the Thoi Nay (Today) publication of Nhan Dan (The People) Newspaper to review how the project came into being. 

Photographer Ha Dao: A dream of contemporary photography

  Dec 31, 2018 16:35:42
NDO – Since its launch in 2016, Matca (literally translated as Fish Eye) - a website on the contemporary photography of the world and Vietnam at - has established itself as an interesting address for photography lovers.  

Photographer Viet Thanh: I didn’t realise when I fell into photojournalism

  Dec 21, 2018 10:08:24
NDO – Established as an experience photojournalist, Nguyen Viet Thanh has been invited to join the jury at many photo contests over the past few years. In an interview granted to Nhan Dan (People) Weekly, Thanh said that he is always excited whenever working as a judge of competition as it helps him learn from young photographers, thus completing his skill. 

Photographer Nicolas Cornet: I wish viewers know more about Vietnamese culture

  Dec 13, 2018 16:14:41
NDO – As a person who has a natural association with Vietnam, French photographer Nicolas Cornet has introduced several works in his photo book on Vietnamese pagodas. 

Composer Hinh Phuoc Long - A true lover of Truong Sa

  Dec 04, 2018 16:42:51
NDO – Musician Hinh Phuoc Long renowned for a range of distinctive songs on the nation’s outpost of Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago. Dubbed by the media and friends as a “citizen of Truong Sa", the Khanh Hoa native shared with Nhan Dan Monthly about his love towards Truong Sa and music.  

Painter Nguyen Quoc Huy: I forced myself to choose another way

  Nov 21, 2018 14:59:30
NDO – Despite using traditional lacquer, celebrated Vietnamese painter Nguyen Quoc Huy chose a difficult way, in which he transformed the weakness of lacquer techniques into his strength. 

AFF Cup: Vietnam national squad arrive in Myanmar in preparation for next group match

  Nov 18, 2018 11:53:54
NDO – After the morning training session on November 17, the national squad left Hanoi for Yangon, Myanmar, later the same day to prepare for their third group stage match against the hosts next Tuesday, under the on-going ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup 2018. 

Dutch expert offers suggestions for Mekong Delta’s sustainable development

  Nov 14, 2018 06:38:02
NDO – The Mekong Delta and its people are facing flooding, drought, salinisation, polluted water and land subsidence. However, smart and appropriate responses would help the people to live with the challenges, turn them into opportunities and make the delta more sustainable, resilient, and prosperous.