Quiet Hanoi on the first day of Lunar Year

Quiet Hanoi on the first day of Lunar Year

NDO – Compared to the lively and exciting crowded atmospheres of the previous night, the streets of Hanoi on the morning of the first day of the Year of the Rat were peaceful and quiet. Many people enjoyed walking along the empty roads, on the ancient streets to enjoy the serene atmosphere of the capital on the first day of the New Year. (22 hours ago)


Spring Calligraphy Festival keeps a fine tradition alive

  Jan 19, 2020 11:40:08
NDO - Calligraphy couplets were an indispensable part of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year in the past. Today the tradition is kept alive as people flock to the Spring Calligraphy Festival held at the Temple of Literature in Hanoi to ask for calligraphic writings. 

Spring on Hanoi’s street

  Jan 17, 2020 17:30:37
NDO – Every year when spring comes around, the new season air creeps into small alleys, and every corner of Hanoi. The vibrant colours of the natural flowers on every door frame, looming behind the porch spark excitement among the people. 

Hanoi people prepare offerings to bid farewell to Kitchen Gods

  Jan 17, 2020 14:11:47
NDO – Vietnamese families, including those in capital city of Hanoi, are busy preparing offerings to bid farewell to Kitchen Gods on the 23rd day of the last month of the Lunar New Year, which falls on January 17 this year. 

Countryside market during Tet holiday

  Jan 16, 2020 13:20:15
NDO – The Tet atmosphere with the new spring season is coming all over the country. In the northern rural areas, the countryside markets for the occasion of Tet are often crowded and bustling. Everybody goes shopping together; more than anyone else, the children are extremely excited to follow their mothers to the traditional Tet market to buy gifts and new clothes and shoes. 

Spring Press Festival - Hanoi 2020 opens

  Jan 14, 2020 13:44:28
NDO - The Spring Press Festival - Hanoi 2020 opened at the Vietnam-Soviet Friendship Labour Cultural Palace on January 13, with the participation of 25 booths of numerous central and local press agencies in the city. 

Mountain town in the fog

  Jan 09, 2020 17:42:44
NDO – Climbing to the top of LangBiang, in Dalat, in the early morning, visitors have the opportunity to see the mountain town among the morning mist. When dawn shines its first rays of sunlight, like a wind draining i white mist, the images of the hills appear soft and gentle like a painting on a young girl. 

Exploring Cao Bang in spring

  Jan 09, 2020 11:37:23
NDO - Cao Bang, a northeastern mountainous province, has a total area of over 6,703km², of which the forests and mountains account for over 90%. 

Bat Trang pottery village in days nearing Tet holiday

  Jan 08, 2020 18:11:55
NDO – Established more than 500 years ago, from the Ly dynasty, experiencing many ups and downs along the way, now, Bat Trang pottery products are still highly appreciated for their quality, designs and types, such as household potteries, worshiping objects, fine art pottery products, construction pottery and decorative pottery. The products can bee seen across the country and all around the world. 

New Year celebration of H’mong ethnic group in Hanoi

  Jan 06, 2020 18:19:46
NDO – A festival featuring the traditional New Year celebration of the H’Mong ethnic group was held at the Hanoi University of Culture on January 5. The annual cultural event of the Hmong community living and studying in Hanoi is considered as an opportunity for the community to celebrate the New Year traditionally together as well as promote the cultural characteristics to Hanoi’s public. 

Tea Festival

  Jan 02, 2020 17:20:30
NDO – At the end of this year, when the H’Mong people in Son La province are preparing to celebrate their traditional New Year, with good news arriving for the local people. A population of 200 ancient tea trees in Be village, Ta Xua commune were recognised as a heritage tree. 

In a lesser-known temple, age-old wood carvings are bound to wow visitors

  Jan 02, 2020 11:01:40
NDO - For many tourists, Thai Lac Temple in Vietnam’s northern province of Hung Yen might not be a widely known Buddhist temple, but this centuries-old temple houses a large treasure trove of exquisite wooden carvings that could dazzle any arts lover. 

Peace Kon Jo Dri

  Jan 01, 2020 17:24:43
NDO - Located on the peaceful Dak Bla river bank of Kon Tum city, Kon Jo Dri is one of the most oldest, beautiful and intact Ba Na ethnic people's villages in the Central Highlands today. 

Cherry blossoms brighten mountain town

  Jan 01, 2020 13:49:19
NDO – The Mai Anh Dao (Prunus Cesacoides) cherry blossoms in Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province, are embellishing the city with their soft pink colour, creating a magnetic attraction to the locals and visitors. 

Bustling coffee harvest season in Central Highlands

  Dec 27, 2019 18:29:04
NDO – When coffee peak harvest occurs from November to December every year, tourists at the Central Highlands will witness people rushing to harvest coffee from morning to evening in the fields as well as in drying yards. The work-hard gloved hands pick every bunch of ripe berries and drop them down to the canvas to spread under the trees.