Thai ethnic people build stilt house

Friday, 2018-06-15 11:48:53
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Dozens of men and women in the village came together to help to build the house
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NDO - For Thai people in the North West in particular and ethnic minorities in general, the construction of new houses (especially the stilt house) is very important. Their economic life has been enhanced with many kinds of architecture used in the construction of houses, but Thai people in the North West still preserve the traditional stilt house. The material used in building stilt houses is mostly wood that has been chiseled and prepared meticulously.

Large rods are used to pull rafters and columns.

The stilt house was jointly built by dozens of young men and women.

The construction of the stilt house of Thai people is usually held in a cheerful atmosphere, with the laughter of the owner and the youth helping out.

The building of the stilt house demonstrates the community's solidarity, attachment, sharing the same characteristic culture that the Thai people still keep.

At midday, the host will feed the volunteer laborers in the village with traditional cuisine.