Quang Ngai: Ly Son Island attractive with mural paintings

Thursday, 2018-08-30 17:29:54
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An artist is finishing his last painting.
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NDO - Ly Son Island off the coast of the central province of Quang Ngai now seems brighter with vibrantly coloured mural paintings.

After eight days of painting, 12 3D mural paintings were completed on August 30, thanks to efforts from 12 artists who are volunteers from different provinces and cities nationwide.

On Thursday morning, the paintings were handed over to the Management Board of Ly Son Marine Reserve in Ly Son island district. The murals are the result of a 3D painting volunteer programme on Ly Son Island co-organised by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Ly Son Marine Reserve, AkzoNobel and various partners.

The programme, launched on August 22, is part of a series of activities aimed at preserving the marine environment around the island.

The mural village promises to become an attractive tourist destination.

Apart from the 12 3D frescoes, there are many paintings on the entrances to local homes and the walls of households on Be (Little) Islet - under Ly Son Island, using Dulux Weathershield paint.

This is the second year that the programme has been implemented after its first launch in June 2017, with 12 frescos in various sizes focusing on the message of protecting the marine environment and the harmony between people and nature, while calling on the community to reduce the use of plastic bottles and bags.

Painters express their love towards the sea and islands in their paintings, encouraging local people to actively participate in protecting the marine environment.

The presence of the murals on the beautiful, romantic, island will also become a destination for community-based tourism, helping local people improve their livelihoods and reduce the pressure to exploit near-shore fisheries, said a representative from the organising board.

It is the people who find that the island they live on is becoming more green and beautiful through the creativity and enthusiasm of the artists and they will then find themselves responsible for contributing to the environmental protection here, the representative added.

“We believe that a village in the middle of the sea with artful frescoes containing clear messages will inspire all locals and visitors to consciously preserve the beauty of one of the most unique places in Vietnam," said Le Nhung, a member of the volunteer group.

The first seven-color road in Vietnam was completed by the group of artists over one night.

Brilliant colours with good quality paint create lively murals.

The joy of a kid standing next to the new wall.

Local people enjoy the murals on a wall at Be Islet.

The murals convey the message of protecting the marine environment.

A tourist takes a photo with the new murals.

Photo: VNA