Sacred national flag!

Friday, 2018-08-31 17:27:36
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The national flag flying on Ba Dinh Square is a reminder of the predecessors who fell for the country’s independence and peace today.
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NDO - The national flag is the symbol of the nation and also the pride of every Vietnamese person. The single gold star on a solid red background is associated with the tough years of the previous generations fighting for the nation’s freedom and reunification.

The red represents the revolutionary zeal and symbolises the blood and tears that have fallen for the country's independence. The yellow star in the middle is the symbol of the nation’s soul. The five pointed star represents the people uniting together to defend and develop the country.

Located about 30 km from the centre of Hanoi, Tu Van village (Le Loi commune, Thuong Tin district) is famous for its garments. Nguyen Van Phuc's family has a tradition of making national flags for four generations.

The national flag of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is rectangular in shape, its width is equal to two thirds of its length, in the middle of a fresh red background is a bright five-pointed golden star.

Every year, Phuc’s family sells hundreds of thousands of national flags in all sizes. On holidays, especially in the days close to the National Day on September 2, the whole facility must work hard enough to supply the market.

In order to improve their productivity, not only Phuc’s family but also all households in Tu Van village have applied modern machines in their production, so that they can cut the standard flag in various sizes in a short time.

Completing a national flag in line with regulations prescribed by the State requires the workers’ accurate and cautious skills.

Each flag is completed with love for the country and pride in the craft of every worker here.

These days, children also come to the workshop to help. This is also an opportunity for them to understand the meaning of the national flag and nurture their patriotism.

This year, in addition to traditional holidays, Phuc’s workshop is busier than usual as Vietnamese athletes are competing in the ongoing 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.

Beside the national flag, Phuc’s factory also produces cheer ribbons. The "Viet Nam Vo Dich” (Vietnam Champion) plaques are produced carefully. Especially, they are based on two sacred colours of the national flag, red background with yellow letters.

Many banners and flags have been brought to Indonesia by sports fans to support the Vietnamese athletes in the Games, encouraging them to achieve their best in the competition.