"Bun cham mam oc", a beloved after-hours delicacy of Hanoi

Thursday, 2018-11-01 13:36:56
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NDO - "Bun cham mam oc" (rice noodle and boiled freshwater snails infused with spicy fish sauce) seems strange to many people, including original Hanoians. However, this after-hours food staple, modified from the original boiled snails with lemongrass, has become familiar with most of Hanoians.

Boiled snails are a snack loved by Vietnamese people from all walks of life. People can see snail vendors luring the senses with herbs like lemongrass and ginger on any street of Hanoi.

Snails are a popular street food in Hanoi, particularly in cold weather, due to the taste of chewy, salty, addictive morsels of snail meat and spicy fish sauce.

"Bun cham mam oc", said to be created by Hanoian gourmets, is really unique and considered a delicacy of Hanoi.

Food lovers should head to the variety of "Quan oc" restaurants in Hanoi, including "Oc Co Cam" on Tong Duy Tan Street, "Oc Ha Trang" on Dinh Liet Street, "Phuong Oc" on Hong Ha Street, and "Oc Ba Nga" on De To Hoang Street, among others.

The "Bun cham mam oc" will become a must experience for anyone visiting Hanoi.

Photo: NDO/Minh Khang