Tu Lien kumquat village gears up for Year of the Pig

Monday, 2019-01-14 10:51:02
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Kumquat trees are ready to be delivered to customers.
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NDO - The village of Tu Lien in Hanoi, which is known for growing ornamental kumquat trees, is putting the finishing touches on its products to prepare for the upcoming Lunar New Year.

Kumquat trees decorated with golden pigs are preferred by many consumers to celebrate the Year of the Pig.

Kumquat growers in Tu Lien are hurriedly shipping the ornamental trees to their customers.

Lines of ornamental kumquat trees stand ready to provide an atmosphere of spring to everyone.

A kumquat farmer gives a presentation of his tree before a jury at a kumquat beauty contest.

Tu Lien villagers have invested billions of Vietnamese dong into their kumquat fields with the hope of reaping good profits for the New Year.

An ornamental kumquat pot decorated with the three gods representing blessings, wealth and longevity.

A kumquat trees grows from a ceramic pot in the form of a soaring dragon.

Kumquat trees featuring beautiful forms, green fruits, young leaves and flower buds are selling very well.

Visitors admire the beautiful kumquat trees on display at an exhibition.

Senior citizens of Tu Lien village are pleased that the business of growing kumquat trees is still being maintained and prospering.

Kumquat trees are placed on a cart, ready to be delivered to customers.