Cao Thon incense-making village become busier on the last days of lunar year

Monday, 2019-01-21 13:17:22
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Located 40 kilometres from Hanoi, 200-year-old Cao Thon village, in Hung Yen province, is of the the oldest incense-making villages in Vietnam.
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NDO – With only two weeks left before the Tet (lunar New Year) holiday, Cao Thon villagers are busy with incense making to meeting the increasing demand for incense sticks during the country’s biggest traditional festival.

Sawdust of aloe wood, the main ingredient for the making of incense.

Each incense-making family in the village has its own secret formula of refining and mixing the incense powder, which creates unique fragrances for the incense sticks.

Sticks are dyed and dried to prepare for making incense.

Incense makers now apply machines in their production rather than doing everything manually as in the past.

An employee can make from 20,000 to 30,000 incense sticks every day thanks for support from machines.

Nguyen Dinh Quang’s family is the only incense maker in the village to finish all steps of the making process by hand. Quang said that manually-made incense will generate more smoke and better aroma when it is burned compared to machine-made ones.

In addition to incense sticks, the villagers also make incense coils

An employee rolling incense into coils

If it is sunny, it takes only one day to let incense totally dry under the sun

When the weather becomes rainy and humid, makers must use drying ovens to make incense dry quickly and without mould.

Incense sticks from Cao Thon Village have a pleasant aroma and have won much favour from customers.