Hanoi streets bright with purple crape-myrtle flowers

Tuesday, 2019-05-07 09:22:49
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Known as a typical flower in the South Asia tropical region, giant crape-myrtle trees were planted to make urban landscapes more beautiful and create shade.
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NDO – In May when the sound of cicadas signals the advent of summer, giant purple crape-myrtle flowers (known as bang lang) bloom in many streets of Hanoi.

Despite blooming for a short time, the bright purple of this kind of flower brings a poetic beauty to the capital in the early summer days.

Giant crape-myrtle flowers are blooming after a night of rain.

Hanoi’s summer is welcomed by the bright purple tones of giant crape-myrtle flowers.

Crape-myrtle flowers often grow into clusters with a length of 20-30cm. Each flower has six thin and light petals.

Crape-myrtle flowers have different colours, including purple, pink and pale white. However, purple crape-myrtle flowers are most familiar to Hanoians.

Only a few days after blooming, the colours of crape-myrtle flowers will fade and then finally they fall from their branches.

The purple flowers flaunt their exquisite beauty, evoking the emotions and memories of people.

The flowers with colours symbolising faithfulness have become an indispensable part in the life of capital residents.

THUY NGUYEN/Translated by NDO