2020 Spring-Summer Fashion colours

Monday, 2019-09-16 12:46:45
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This year, Vietnam Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020 took place at Hoan Kiem District’s Dien Hong Flower Garden - a flower garden in the middle of a series of French-style architectural works in the heart Hanoi.
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NDO - After the success of previous seasons, Vietnam Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020 continues to be held in the excitement and expectation of those working in the field of fashion and fashion lovers.

Not only is the meeting and exchange a place for professionals, Vietnam Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020 also introduces to the public the trends of domestic and international fashion at the beginning of next year.

With 750 latest designs by 15 designers from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City such as Minh Minh, Hung Viet, Phuong Thanh, Cong Huan and Minh Hanh. The fashion week brings to the public a fashion painting for Spring - Summer 2020.

The shows attract a lot of Hanoians and fashion lovers

As one of the few foreigners that has been associated with Vietnamese fashion for a long time, designer Diego Cortizas Del Valle brings a collection of silk and brocade product with motifs of ethnic people in Sa Pa to the Fashion Week. Not only bringing beautiful products, close to nature, through his designs designer Diego Cortizas Del Valle also expressed his desire to preserve the cultural identity of Vietnam.

The joy of designer Diego Cortizas Del Valle after the show of his collection

This year, designers bring designs that are highly applicable and closer to the needs of the general public.

Compared to previous fashion seasons, many designers now pay attention to the trend of choosing traditional materials for their collections.

The collection of designer Thanh Thuy features femininity and charm for Vietnamese women.

The young designers introduced to the audience the modern designs but still imbued with the national traditions.

Designer Cao Duy continues to promote his strengths with designs that bring many youthful and liberal features.

As a designer with many years of experience as well as prestige in the field of fashion, designer Minh Hanh's collection in each fashion season is always welcomed by fashion lovers.

Vietnam Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020 not only introduces designs that are suitable for people and the Vietnamese market, but also acts as an opportunity for designers to express their creativity and affirm the continuous development of fashion in the country.