Quiet cherry blossom season around the world

Friday, 2020-04-10 11:22:35
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Traditionally, people often gather under the cherry blossom trees in Japan to eat and enjoy the flowers. (Photo: Nhat My)
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NDO – When spring comes, cherry blossoms brighten localities in many countries, including Japan, the US, the Republic of Korea and Germany. However, the destinations which are famous for beautiful cherry blossoms are much quieter than usual due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Previously, both domestic people and visitors have gathered to enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms from late March to early May. The appearance of cherry blossoms in Japan is a meaningful annual event with special significance in the culture of the land of the rising sun.

Photo: Nhat My

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Nhat My

However, this year, all streets, including tourist sites, are deserted because foreign tourists and all people were recommended to stay at home to avoid infections due to the Covid-19 epidemic. The cherry blossoms are still blooming, creating indescribable beauty, however, people and visitors can only enjoy image for just a few minutes to take a photo.

Photo: AP

Photo: Reuters

At the end of spring, Altstadt Street in Bonn City, Germany, are dyed brilliantly in the pink colour of cherry blossoms. Previously, it attracted thousands of visitors annually, however, only a few people walk around the street and enjoy cherry blossoms at present. The police regularly patrol Altstadt Street to avoid overcrowding in the areas with lots of flowers.

American people can enjoy cherry blossoms via internet. (Photo: AP)

This year’s cherry blossom festival in Washington DC, USA, was cancelled due to Covid-19. The colourful cherry blossoms bloom on 3,800 trees along Potomac River and Tidal Basin Lake. However, in late March, the number of visitors were much fewer due to fears of the Covid-19 epidemic. Therefore, a camera system has been installed to help people enjoy the blossoms via internet 24 hours a day.

Famous landmarks around the world are surrounded by beautiful cherry blossoms. Photo: Cherry blossoms bloom at the largest mosque in Russia.

Cherry blossoms bloom around Seokchon Lake (Photo: Klook)

Songpa District’s government in the RoK’s capital city of Seoul has announced that the Cherry Blossom Festival in Seokchon Lake has been cancelled. The entrance has also been blocked to avoid crowding, contributing to preventing the spread of Covid-19 epidemic. In addition, many parks in the RoK were also ordered to close.