Ke Go Lake, a charming green oasis in the land of Ha Tinh

Sunday, 2020-04-26 15:02:25
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Ke Go Lake in Cam My commune, Cam Xuyen district, Ha Tinh province, is the place that appears in the famous song ‘Nguoi di xay ho Ke Go’ (The people who built Ke Go Lake) by musician Nguyen Van Ty.
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NDO – Located within the immense forest and mountain area in the central province of Ha Tinh and holding a poetic and peaceful beauty, Ke Go Lake has been long established as an ecotourism destination that attracts many tourists from near and far.

Situated nearly 20km southwest of Ha Tinh city centre, the Ke Go Lake irrigation work was completed after three years of construction, from 1976 to 1979.

Ke Go Lake is the largest artificial freshwater lake in Ha Tinh and is part of the Ke Go Nature Reserve, with a capacity of 350 million cubic metres of water, serving irrigation for nearly 17,000 hectares of rice and crops in Thach Ha and Cam Xuyen districts, Ha Tinh city and the northern part of Ky Anh district.

Ke Go Lake offers tourists new experiences with a comfortable feeling when immersed in the fresh, peaceful nature and admiring the charming scenery.

Ke Go Lake is a favourite destination by many tourists on holidays or at weekends. Especially, coming to the site, visitors can offer incense and go sightseeing at the temple dedicated to late General Secretary Le Duan. This is a symbolic work reflecting the sacred affection and gratitude of generations of Ha Tinh people for the late Party chief, while serving as a red address to educate patriotism and revolutionary traditions for younger generations, and an attractive destination within the series of Ha Tinh’s spiritual and cultural tourism addresses.

Fishermen on the lake on a sunny afternoon.

Visitors can take a boat upstream of Ke Go Lake for sightseeing.

The scenery upstream of Ke Go Lake.

A romantic afternoon scene on Ke Go Lake.