Buses sterilised daily amidst Covid-19 epidemic

Wednesday, 2020-04-29 17:20:52
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During the complicated developments of the epidemic, all vehicles from the 10-10 Bus Enterprises in particular and also the Transerco vehicles in general are cleaned and disinfected.
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NDO - To ensure the safety of passengers amidst the Covid-19 epidemic, all buses of the 10-10 Bus Enterprise under the Hanoi Transport and Services Corporation (Transerco) are cleaned and disinfected at the end of working day.

The enterprise currently has 170 buses on nearly 20 routes in the centre and northwest of Hanoi, including many routes catering to a large number of students.

According to the enterprise’s Deputy Director, Tran Anh Tuan, following the direction of the Chairman of Hanoi municipal People’s Committee and the Corporation, the enterprise’s leaders paid much attention to enhancing the cleaning and steriliastion of the buses, especially the entrances, seats, columns and handles, to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Workers cleaning the buses before they are disinfected.

The buses are disinfected to ensure the safety of passengers.

“Currently, only 30% of buses are operating to promote social distancing. The vehicles are operated alternately to ensure adherence to the relevant technical factors”, added Deputy Director Tran Anh Tuan.

The cleaning and disinfection are conducted from 9pm to nearly 1am the next morning.

A worker sterilising locations that passengers often touch, such as handles and seats.

After the cleaning and sterilisation, the buses are driven to the waiting area.

Nguyen Huu Nhiem, an official from the enterprise, said: “We still divided shifts to operate the buses in the parking area during the temporary suspension of public transport, including buses, to ensure the best technical response”.

The outer bodies of the buses are also disinfected.

Technical employees checking the buses before transferring them for acceptance by the management department.

The drivers and employees work every other day as only 30% of buses are in operation.

After being disinfected and checked, the buses are driven to the parking area for operation in the morning.

All drivers and employees have to record their health and medical histories and their body temperatures are checked before working.

Drivers check the buses one last time before the operation; meanwhile, the assistants clean the handles and add disinfectant water and face masks for the people.

Vu Ngoc Hoang, a driver from the 10-10 Bus Enterprise, expressed his hope that the Covid-19 pandemic will be controlled soon so that people’s lives will go back to normal. Accordingly, transportation activities will be stabilised and employees’ incomes will rise once again.

Photo credit: NAM GIANG