Ba Na ethnic minority people’s villages along Truong Son mountain range

Tuesday, 2020-06-16 17:41:25
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The typical architecture of the Ba Na ethnic minority people is still preserved.
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NDO – The villages of the Ba Na ethnic minority people in An Toan commune, An Lao district, Binh Dinh province, are located at 1,000m above sea level in the southern region of the Truong Son mountain range.

The An Toan commune consists of three villages with around 1,000 in the population, of whom the Ba Na ethnic minority people account for nearly 90. They have settled on this land with their many traditional practices and cultural identities.

The Ba Na people’s villages are amongst the green primeval forests; therefore, their income is mainly based on forest products such as sim (tomentose rose myrtle) fruits and honey.

Most Ba Na families live in wooden stilt houses. They also build a lot of warehouses on the mountainside to store food and agricultural products. They still have preserved the Rong (communal houses) where their traditional cultural rituals were held.

Ba Na children playing in the yard.

: Community activities take place in the Rong (communal houses)

The local people mainly live in wooden stilt houses.

A stilt house with a wooden frame being built.

A local sitting by a cooking fire